[Trending Now] The Reason Why CIA Is Against Duterte! This Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!

A netizen sent a message to the ' Dugong Maharlika ' page stating the reason why CIA wan...

A netizen sent a message to the 'Dugong Maharlika' page stating the reason why CIA wanted to kill President Rodrigo Duterte and his war against illegal drugs. An article way back 2007 was attached to the message. 

Way back September 24, 2007, a Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA crashed after it ran out of fuel over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula carrying several tons of cocaine on board. Documents have proven that the jet plane links  cocaine smuggling to the CIA who used it on at least 3 rendition flights from Europe and the USA to Guantanamo's infamous torture chambers between 2003 up to 2005.

Netizens are now having thoughts that this might be the probable reason why CIA do not want the leadership style of President Duterte.


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