[Trending Now] Poor Man Gets His Balls Stuck Between Powerful Magnets After Trying Magnetic Therapy. Must Read!

After recent reports of a Chinese man getting his manhood stuck between a ring, another Chinese m...

After recent reports of a Chinese man getting his manhood stuck between a ring, another Chinese man gets himself in a horrible situation after getting his balls stuck between two powerful magnets.

The incident occurred early in the morning when emergency responders received a call 4:48 am on Monday. When the emergency responders arrived in the province of Guangdong, 10 firefighters claimed to have found a man suffering from severe pain after he got his balls caught squeezed between two powerful magnets.

According to Southern Metropolis Daily, the 45-year-old man stated that he was practicing "magnetic therapy" when the painful incident transpired.

Due to the rare incident, the firefighters were left clueless as to how to resolve the problem pushing them to take the man to a hospital instead. However, even the doctors from the hospital where the man was taken did not know how to approach the situation leading to a brief commotion among the doctors with regards to who will be liable if the attempt to help the man turns to a tragic end.

Fortunately, the man himself later declared that he will take full responsibility for his own. When the commotion have ended, rescuers and doctors have decided to use a hydraulic machine in the attempt to separate the magnets. However, another problem arose as the doctors realized that due to the tight magnets, the hydraulic machine was no longer an option.

When the rescuers tried seeking advice from the magnet's manufacturer, the company suggested sliding the magnets off which the doctors found too risky as they decided to dismiss the idea.

After four hours of excruciating pain, rescuers later realized that the hydraulic cutter may be used instead to cut the magnets apart into smaller bits. 

The procedure proved to be successful after doctors examined the man and found no lasting damage.

Source: TNP, NextShark


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