[Trending Now] New Modus: Scammer Uses Bank Details Of Online Seller To Take Victim's Money! READ HERE To Be Prepared!

Online scammers have always been clever in fully utilizing different techniques of extorting money from people. Netizen recently shared ...

Online scammers have always been clever in fully utilizing different techniques of extorting money from people. Netizen recently shared the new modus operandi of scammers which involves using the bank details of the seller in order to take money from intended victims.

Netizen and online seller, Ann Krista B. Calderon shares her almost-experience with a scammer to warn other netizens about the new modus. Calderon, an online seller of books was almost used in the process of stealing as the scammer asked her for her bank details pretending to be interested in her products.

She later on received a message from the scammer claiming that the P500 payment for the books had been settled. Although she was later told that instead of sending P500, she mistakenly sent P50,000 instead saying it was meant for a different seller she named Krissia Angelique Gannod, asking Calderon to transfer the extra amount to the bank account of Gannod.

Amidst all this, Calderon was left clueless that she was being used to steal money from someone else. In a confusing turn of events, the scammer apparently gave her bank information to the victim who was the one who actually sent her the money tricking her into sending the money to Gannod.

Fortunately for Calderon, before complying to the scammer's instructions, she was able to find out that Gannod was known for being an online scammer. She later proved her speculations when Gannod failed to provide evidence regarding the real sender of the money sent.

She successfully tracked down the real owner with the help of the bank manager. She also hoped that this encounter will remind people to be cautious in making online transactions.

Read the full story below!

I just have to post this and if you can, please share this too so that people will be aware.
Earlier this week a certain person inquired about some of my stuff for sale sa instagram, she said she'd purchase some of my books and asked for my Bank Acct. Details so that she could deposit the money.
A few days after, she said she already paid, but instead of sending Php 500 she mistakenly sent me Php 50,000 which was (according to her) intended for a different seller. She asked me to forward the money to the account of the seller which she purchased a Chanel bag from, she asked me to deposit it to KRISSIA ANGELIQUE GANNOD.
Before sending the money I tried to check online who this Ms. Gannod is since I'll be turning over a huge amount, I found out she's a SCAMMER!!! And so I warned her and asked if she's sure she purchased from a legit seller and she was so chill about it, she said she's sure and she already purchased from Ms. Gannod 3x. And that's where I knew something wasn't right.
I asked her to send me additional proof that she was the one who sent me the money, but she couldn't. I tried to call her, she wouldn't answer, she just kept on making excuses. So I realized she scammed someone using my name and other details. I felt very uneasy keeping the money for days knowing it wasn't mine, but I was more afraid to send it to someone who I knew had evil plans for it.
I posted this issue on instagram hoping to find the owner of the money, a few days after I found a scam related post which included my name in it. I contacted the person who posted it and turns out, she too was a victim of this scam, she doesn't own the money as well, she was also "mistakenly sent" a certain amount of money that was (according to the scammer again) intended for me and that's why the money ended up with me. The money has been passed on to two people excluding the owner before it could reach the scammer (which it didn't of course), to make it harder for the victims to understand what was going on.
After 3 sleepless nights we both found the real owner of the money. It was verified by the branch manager of the involved bank. Let this serve as a warning to all to be very cautious when purchasing stuff online. Also, if you receive an unexpected amount of money in your bank accounts, never ever deposit it to just anyone who claims to own it, let them file a complain at the bank instead.
Source: TNP, RachFeed


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