[Trending Now] New Doctor Helps Deliver Neighbor's Baby In Backseat Of Car A Week After Passing The Board Exams!

A Facebook post made by Mikko Manalastas on the night of October 1 went viral as it narrates his journey of helping a mother to give b...

A Facebook post made by Mikko Manalastas on the night of October 1 went viral as it narrates his journey of helping a mother to give birth to her baby girl at the backseat of a car. The event seemed to be the baptismal occasion of Manalastas' professional medical journey as the event happened two days after he just got his medical license number and a week after he passed his medical licensure exam. 

The Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health graduate did not expect that rushing to the elevator of his building would necessitate the use of his newly licensed skill set. Manalastas narrated that the anxious father and a crying mother approached the same elevator he was in. When he saw and analyzed the situation, he realized that he is going to be needing all of the things he learned from med school.

"As i was going down the elevator, 2 people hurriedly went in: a very anxious father, and a mother crying hard into labor.I froze for a moment. Then immediately pressed the alarm button in the elevator to inform them that there was a mother in labor and that we needed assistance. I dropped my bags and went up to them and introduced myself. What luck because I wore my Ateneo Medicine shirt today. Before i could finish my introduction, they realized that I was a doctor only 2 days from actually getting my license number and a week from passing the boards," Manalastas said in his Facebook post.

Manalastas immediately took control of the situation and instructed the father to prepare the vehicle that they are going to use to send the laboring mother to the nearest hospital while he is trying to relieve the pain the mother is feeling.

Just when Manalastas thought that he was already done with his duty to help the mother be carried over the car, he just saw the baby's head crowning and so he realized that he needed to perform emergency delivery on the spot as prolonging the labor would be too risky. 

Manalastas also considered the traffic the couple had to go through which will worsen the situation of the mother and the baby. Manalastas asked the couple to trust him. He narrated that the father was initially hesitant but eventually said just do everything you can to save the baby. After Manalastas made the parent's agree that he will perform the operation, he encountered another problem-- he lacked appropriate medical supplies and the mother had to deliver her child at the backseat of the car. 

It was fortunate that Manalastas was able to think of alternative materials to use.
"I didn't have the proper materials but I needed to improvise. I grabbed my bag and took out my bath towel (clean and unused) and placed it over the mother's abdomen. I used wet wipes to clean the area and used the wet wipes as makeshift gloves and waited for the baby's head to come out."

Manalastas credited the mother for being "strong and very brave."

"She listened very carefully to my instructions and I asked her to trust me. And with just a few good pushes, the baby's head popped out. I grabbed her head and maneuvered to deliver the rest of her body." 

The emergency delivery was successful and the newborn baby girl was brought to the hospital after. According to reports from Rappler, the parents gave him a long thank you message and a photo of the baby girl that will forever be a part of his life.




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