[Trending Now] MUST WATCH: This Emotional Reunion of Willie Revillame and the 'Takatak Boy' He Supported For School For Three Years Will Make You Cry!!

In an episode of Wowowin , Willie Revillame made an unexpected reunion with Jay Bautista , the “ Takatak Boy ” he financially helped to ...

In an episode of Wowowin, Willie Revillame made an unexpected reunion with Jay Bautista, the “Takatak Boy” he financially helped to study for three years. 

While the segment was running, Revillame noticed a banner being waved by Bautista. It stated how thankful Bautista is for Revillame’s help when he was studying. When he was interviewed by Revillame, Bautista recalled how the variety show host helped him in school. Bautista said that he joined a contest in Revillame’s former show before where he won the opportunity to be sent to school by Revillame through sponsorship. When asked how he was able to receive the money being sent, Bautista said that through Revillame’s secretary, he receives his monthly allowance from Revillame. He said that he would just present his validated record and he could easily claim his allowance. He said that Revillame is sending him Php 10,000.00 every month that helped him get by his school needs. Revillame’s financial support for his studies lasted for 3 years.

Bautista visited Revillame in the Broadway studio together with his two other brothers who also had the chance to study through Revillame’s financial support. Bautista said that the extra money he received has been allotted to the school of his younger siblings while he established his own accessories business. During the show, Bautista expressed his gratitude towards Revillame who willingly helped him in his journey of studying. 

Revillame gave the brothers more prizes and it made them thank him emotionally especially Jay. He said “Sobra sobra na po ‘yung natulong niyo sa akin Kuya Wil”.

Meanwhile, before Revillame let go of the brothers, it can be seen that they really have a deep appreciation of what Revillame has done for their family.

Source: TNP , GMANetwork


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