[Trending Now] MUST READ! The Real Reason Why Duterte Buys Arms From China And Russia

With the recent news from the US -owned Bloomberg with the headlines “ Duterte Seeks Arms From China , Ends Joint Patrols With U .S.”, it...

With the recent news from the US-owned Bloomberg with the headlines “Duterte Seeks Arms From China, Ends Joint Patrols With U.S.”, it is as though [they] are making it appear like our country is making an alliance with China and breaking our ties with the United States. Contrary to what most people think, what our President wants is to have an independent foreign policy that is for the betterment of our country, and not anyone else’s country. An article regarding this issue explained why bought military equipment from China and Russia instead from US.

In the article, some facts are presented. First, with the current state of our country, we cannot afford to start a war with any country. If a war against our country is waged, we will not receive any help from the United States unless our country has been fully devastated. China has technically invaded our country by occupying Spratlys but US, given that they need China to make their economy grow, is not doing anything to help us. Therefore, the US will most probably not fight for us and save our countrymen if a war starts and it is indeed useless and will be an absurd decision to buy fighter jets to use it to attack China or any other country.

Now, the issue of buying arms from Russia and China instead of buying from US does not mean that we are ending our alliance with the US. The military equipment sold in China and Russia is a lot cheaper compared to the US military equipment. The article also argued that buying the expensive fighter jets is impractical since it cannot be used to fight the insurgency in our country and we have no plans on even starting a war against other countries. Buying from Russia and China is just the most practical decision to make regarding the issue.

With the other issue of ending alliance with the US, this is not true. Both China and US are in the West Philippine Sea to protect their interests, out President Rodrigo Duterte has chosen to stay neutral about the situation. In this way, we are completely just watching them while they slug it out. If China starts to officially invade our country, US has to save us because of the treaty. We are the most loyal allies of the US and with that, they cannot cut ties with us. With that being said, it is just not possible that we are ending our alliance with US.

Source: TNP , Inquirer


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