[Trending Now] Mom Breastfeeds Stranger's Baby And Her Baby All At Once! Netizens Went Furious!

Moms are always willing to do everything just to help their baby. Name it, she'll do it. Because of their ' motherly instincts &...

Moms are always willing to do everything just to help their baby. Name it, she'll do it.

Because of their 'motherly instincts', they are more likely to help her child out or any child in need. Also, if a mom saw a child who is in need, she would be more or less willing to help.

This became the case of Rebecca Wanosik, a mom of six, who was out with her husband for a dinner date. While at the restaurant, she got a message that a baby is in need.

Rebecca and Anthony Wasonik are the parents of six kids in which includes an infant who is still breastfeeding. 

In short, she might know a thing or two or maybe six about parenting. 

Because of being a longtime parent who has six kids, she is natural for her to want to breastfeed any child who needs to be breastfed.

She said in an interview, "My husband and I were on our first real date in about a year. We have six children, so as you can imagine our alone time is sparse"

Even though their dates were really rare, she responded to a friend's text message without any hesitations , halfway through their dinner.

The text message was asking her if she still breastfeeds her baby and thus may be able a little baby girl out who's mother is in surgery and unable to nurse her child. 

However, Wanosik never met the mother of the baby girl. Despite this, she agreed with the request and immediately called for baby to be delivered at their house. 

Within a couple of hours, the little baby girl was at Wanosik's house, desperately tired but too hungry for her to sleep. 

"Her poor face looked so sleepy and puffy. It was obvious that she was exhauste and just needed to sleep," Wanosik said. 

Wanosik even nursed her baby together with the little girl. 

The adorable babies hands were even intertwined, making the already sweet scene more heart-warming. 

Wanosik posted a photo on her Facebook page. The photo immediately went viral and garnered 195,00 reactions and the shares reached more than 82,000. 

Despite the numerous positive remarks, there were also negative remarks, some even saying that it was s*xual content. 

One commenter angrily said, "Cover up!!!! Nobody wants to see your breasts. This is Facebook not sexbook." 
Another one said, "Ew, I would not feed another's baby and don't want anyone feeding mine... Gross."

Facebook then turned her page down due to the complaints escalated against Wanosik.

However, Wanosik insisted that all she was doing was nourishing the children. 

"I did what I hope any person would do for my child in a time of despair," Wanosik said. "I fed a strange's baby."

The caring mom's Facebook page was able to counter all of the negative remarks thrown at her.

Source: TNP , Littlethings


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