[Trending Now] Mocha Uson Tells Mainstream Media: 'Puro Good News Dapat'

Despite criticizing the mainstream media for their coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte , social media personality Mocha Uson accepted ...

Despite criticizing the mainstream media for their coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte, social media personality Mocha Uson accepted an interview with dzMM and told them that they should report good news instead of news that would put the president in the bad light.

Uson, also a member of girlgroup Mocha Girls, said mainstream media chooses to put President Duterte in a bad image and overlooks at his achievements.

"Maraming balita ang hindi hinahighlight ng mainstream media. Hindi controversial, hindi sensational, hindi makulay. Puro good news nga dapat ang nilalabas natin," she said.

Uson mentioned Duterte's establishing of 911 for emergency and the faster processing of documents in NBI as his achievements that mainstream media did not report.

When the emergency call was established, numerous mainstream media sites and networks like CNN Philippines, Inquirer, and Interaskyon TV reported it.

She also denied her alleged involvement with the Bilibid Prison after reported by ABS-CBN that she was invited to perform in a private performance at the detention center. Uson said they are invited to perform in front of a large number of inmates.

"Ininvite lang kami doon. Noong una, ayaw ko pa nga pero maraming artista na rin ang nagperform doon tulad ni Sharon (Cuneta) kaya tinanggap na rin namin," she said.

Furthermore, Uson defended President Duterte in his latest words about comparing himself to ruthless dictator Adolf Hitler.

She said the media should look for the whole context and not just crop the soundbites to sensationalize the news. Uson added that it was former president Benigno Aquino III who triggerred Duterte in talking about Hitler.

Last June, and not May as Uson stated, Aquino drew angry comments from Chinese people for parraleling present-day China and Nazi Germany on his speech in Japan.

To save himself from being attacked by media, Uson urged the president to just release official statements. She urged the president to continue his work and not be distracted by criticisms.


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