[Trending Now] 'Huge Disappointment and a Let-Down' FVR Describes Duterte's First 100 Days

With Duterte's 100 days in office as the 16th President of the Philippines , Filipinos still have mixed feelings about the new admini...

With Duterte's 100 days in office as the 16th President of the Philippines, Filipinos still have mixed feelings about the new administration. Some lauded the President for focusing on matters which haven't been prioritized during the previous administrations. Many also praised him for the ongoing war on drugs which has yielded more than 700,000 drug users to surrender. But, some notable personalities including politicians can't help but air their sentiments regarding their disappointments.

For one, former President Fidel V. Ramos, described the administration as a 'let-down'. In a column published by Manila Bulletin last Saturday, FVR stated: "In the overall assessment by this writer, we find our Team Philippines losing in the first 100 days of Du30's administration—and losing badly. This is a huge disappointment and let-down to many of us,"

His assessment, according to him, "is based simply on two concepts of primordial importance – LEADERSHIP and TEAMWORK – because that is where the obvious failures have emerged at this point in time."

FVR was earlier assigned by Duterte himself to be the emissary to China to conduct the bilateral talks on the geopolitical issues between the two countries. 

"Of course, we are talking only of the first 100 days. We do not indicate here a wish-list of our highest aspirations to be achieved in the six years of the President's term—but only what could have been do-able by P.Digong, if he had hit the ground running instead of being stuck in unending controversies about extra-judicial killings of drug suspects and in his ability at using cuss-words and insults instead of civilized language,"Ramos added.

He also commented on the "Hitler" issue: "In the case of his recent 'Hitler quip' no amount of apology could mollify the long-suffering Jews who have done well for the Philippines," 

Of course, being a former President and a former soldier, Ramos also criticized the way Duterte positioned himself against the US. Ramos said: "So, what gives? Are we throwing away decades of military partnership, tactical proficiency, compatible weaponry, predictable logistics, and soldier-to-soldier camaraderie just like that?? On P.Du30's say-so???"

But he also noted that there is still chance to right the wrongs and fill the gaps on his first 100 days saying: "Looking, however, at just the first year of P.Du30's 6-year term, there is still enough to correct the most serious flaws in both our national leadership and national team so that in the end, the Filipino people and the republic of the Philippines as a competitive country in our part of the world might still regain its rightful reputation as a vigorous and rising competitor in the family of nations—as we used to be known for in earlier days," 

"Ours is not to heap more brickbats on P.Du30— because he has had more than enough already—but to help enable him to transform (thru his own efforts) from a mere provincial official to a capable international player at the head of 101,000,000 multiculture Filipinos," Ramos said.

"The outcome aspired for by the majority of us is to insure the better future of our younger generations who, in due time—will assume the mantle of leadership over our nation's political, security, cultural, economic, and other interests," he added.

'Huge Disappointment and a Let-Down' FVR Describes Duterte's First 100 Days
Source: TNP, GMA


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