[Trending Now] Here Are The Things Done By The Duterte Administration That The Media Didn’t Report But Made The Filipinos Proud

HERE ARE 20 THINGS THE DUTERTE ADMINISTRATION HAS DONE IN 8 DAYS - Duterte’s first order to all agencies was to reduce the amount of tim...


- Duterte’s first order to all agencies was to reduce the amount of time it took for the public to apply for and get their government-issued documents. Even no less than the Office of the President streamlined its operations. The Offices of the Cabinet Secretary and Executive Assistant now have more supervision powers over departments and bureaus.

- Free entrance at the National Museum for everyone starting July 1.

- PNP Chief dela Rosa subjected top police officials to a surprise drug test. Eleven cops tested positive for illegal drug use.

- Malacañang declared July 6 a non-working holiday in observance of the Muslim tradition of Eid’l Fitr.
President Duterte instructed DepEd to improve drug literacy. The current curriculum will be revised with drug education lessons starting with Grade 4 students.

- President Duterte named five high-ranking police generals allegedly involved in drugs. He also revealed the Triad Group of druglords in the country. More names of policemen and public officials will be disclosed soon.

- The Department of Tourism (DOT) is now in talks with the Miss Universe organizers for the Philippines to host the Miss Universe pageant for next year. The DOT plans to do a massive tourism campaign not only in Luzon but also in Visayas and Mindanao using the pageant as a vehicle.

- The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) opened its main gates to rallyists after nearly two decades. The Hacienda Luisita case will be resolved in 30 days (finally!).

- Despite his busy schedule, President Duterte attended the opening and even performed the ceremonial toss during the Gilas-France game for the Olympic qualifiers.

- President Duterte finally offered Vice President Robredo a position as Housing Secretary (HUDCC). How did he offer the job? Via a phone call in one of his presscons.

- The President instructed the Aviation Security Group (ASG) not to arrest, detain, or file charges against passengers who were found possessing ammunition in the airports (yes! no more laglag-bala schemes). And yes, cleaner toilets (expenses shouldered by airline companies), full CCTV and free wifi in the airports (thank you DOTC).

- The Board of Investments (BOI) has stated that there’s a surge of investments in Mindanao. It is credited to the Duterte-effect, the showing of confidence to the new administration. How much? Almost 900 billion pesos (and counting).

- The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act will become effective not via the legislative body, but thru an executive order. Its effectivity is expected to happen next week.

- The PNP’s ‘Oplan Tokhang’ is so successful (drug pushers and users voluntarily surrendering themselves) that they now have a new problem: sufficient drug-rehabilitation facilities. Even LGUs are overwhelmed on how to go about this particular issue.

- The Presidential Communications Office will be revamping the People’s Television Network (PTV4). Duterte will have his own tv and radio program every week (which hopefully will be curse-free). Social media and a newspaper will also be used to inform the public about government programs. PTV4 will also have a tv segment for Muslim and Indigenous Peoples' and the Youth. Target date for implementation will be in August.

- The DPWH will be doing intensive infrastructure projects and construction 24/7 not only in Luzon but also in Visayas and Mindanao. And the best part? There’s already a budget allocated, stated by no less than DBM head Ben Diokno.

- The Department of Justice (DOJ) is looking to create an Alcatraz-like penitentiary for hard-core criminals. Somewhere in Palawan where there are no mobile signals.

- The DENR has suspended the license of four mining companies due to violations of government regulations.

- 911 (emergency response) and 8888 (for public complaints and concerns) hotline numbers will go effective by August and it will be nationwide.

- And last, but not the least, President Duterte goes home to Davao using an ordinary commercial flight to spend the weekend with his family and attend the Hari Raya festival.




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