[Trending Now] Gordon Criticized Duterte's Profanity: 'Maingay Ang Pangulo, Sobrang Ingay Ng Pangulo'

Manila , Philippines . Last Monday, Sen . Richard Gordon has expressed his sentiments over Pres . Rodrigo Duterte's profanity saying ...

Manila, Philippines. Last Monday, Sen. Richard Gordon has expressed his sentiments over Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's profanity saying that the Philippine's tourism slogan should then be changed and replace it with curse words.

In an article released by ABS-CBN News, Sen. Richard Gordon reiterated the image that the new Philippine President must possess concerning his position as the highest leader of the country.

"The President has a duty to be a statesman. He must not be heard saying bad words." the former Tourism secretary said.

President Duterte is known to be a man who curses a lot and because of this, Sen. Gordon was urged to suggest that the tourism slogan of the country be changed so it would include profanities. 

He also hoped for the President to hear these kinds of sentiments that would help him realize that his profanities are too much.

"Sasabihin ko nga baguhin na natin ang ating slogan sa tourism. 'Welcome to the PI' 'Wow PI.'Hopefully, marinig ni Pangulo ito at 'hoy, baka sumusobra na siguro'"the statesman added.

Gordon also mentioned that the President's repeated pronouncement of killing drug suspects when they fight off policemen leads to a misunderstanding and accusation that he is using unnecessary violence to eradicate crime in the country. Gordon also expressed his approval with what Duterte has been doing to eradicate crime and drugs in the country but his repeated declaration of killing drug suspects is unacceptable for the Senator. 

The lawmaker also added that Duterte's noise leads international community to accuse the administration of mishandling justice.

"Maingay ang Pangulo, sobrang ingay ng Pangulo. Tama lang na ipakita niya na galit siya sa droga pero huwag na siyang mag-ingay na 'I will kill you,' Hindi tama 'yan. Kaya he is falling on his own sword, Nadadapa siya sa kanyang espada dahil salita siya nang salita, napag-bibintangan tuloy ang bansa na 'yan ang nangyayari." 

Gordon clarifies that he is still in favor with the President's affirmation that other countries especially USA should not have the right to interfere with Philippines' journey of implementing its own anti-narcotics policies. 

Gordon claimed that Western countries should not have the right to investigate human rights violations concerning Filipino drug suspects given that their own countries have high rates of police killings and police brutality cases. 

"One dead is one dead too many, kailangang imbestigahin pero wag sila [it should be investigated, but not by them (US)]. Let those without sin cast the first stone," Gordon added.

Gordon Criticized Duterte's Profanity: Let's Change Tourism Slogan To 'Wow PI!'
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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