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Yesterday, a netizen named Jean A. Cepe posted a photo and a video of a foreigner who got robbed. The only thing that was left of him is h...

Yesterday, a netizen named Jean A. Cepe posted a photo and a video of a foreigner who got robbed. The only thing that was left of him is his  identification card from California.

 Cepe and another person came in to help him.  

The Foreigner named Victor Didenko came to the Philippines last September 05, 2016.   Didenko told Cepe that he was robbed.   He was sitting in front of Uncle Cheffy at Robinson Manila and he was holding a paper that reads explains how he lost everything and needed help.

When Didenko was asked if he already asked for help at the Embassy,  he said that they were not able to help him.   Instead,   he called his Uncle for assistance.   When he got a chance to talk to his Uncle, Didenko said that his Uncle will send some money however, it will be sent next week. 

Hoping that he’ll be able to return to his country,   Cepe posted on her Facebook:

“GUYs pack share po. Nanikaw daw lahat ng gamit niya kasama passport, sept5,2016 pa say dumping dito Pinas nadaanan ko kanina sa Robinson Manila infant of Uncle Chiefy [Cheffy] Restaurant.

Kawawa naman sana makauwi na sua sa bansa nya.”

However,   the netizen’s reaction is quite different from what is expected.   Facebook users shared their thoughts:

“Naku wag kayo maniwala basta basta.  Maraming ganun dito,  mga adik usually,  lalo na sa situation nito,  i will not believe him ng ganun ganun, alam nya dapat nya gawin kung ganito nangyari sa kanya.  Hindi yung mag papalimos sya lol.”  -  Bella Holms

Bat parang ayaw niya magpatulong sa mga kumakausap sakanya?  Saka if he really wants to go home nagkukumahog na yan na makauwi ehh parang hindi naman eehh hindi naman ako nanghuhusga pero baka totoo nga pero mahirap na minsan kasi ang natutulungan natin eh maling tao pala opinion ko lang naman.”  - Lilybeth M. Henry

“Curious lang ako over a month na sya dto pero yung socks and shoes nya parang walang bakas na naghihirap sya dto.. And bakit ayaw nya ipatawag uncle nya willing naman yung tumutulong na tulungan sya??at saan nya kaya nilagay yung id nya para yun lang talaga na save nya?? Hmmm”  -  Joanna Lyn Ting

In the first place he is old enough he know what to do.yeah you are right us embassy is just near the question is why he doesn't go for help ??????ask that yo him”  -  Spartan Gd

“Huh if this person is legit. Anytime he can go to the embassy. Hindi po yan nakakaawa dahil halos lahat ng foregner alam nila na may embassy kahit saan mang bansa magpunta. IM SUSPICIOUS.”  - Dhayon Maligmat Johnston

Source: TNP , Facebook


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