[Trending Now] Do You Know The Reason Behind Our 'Pamahiin'? Here's The Interesting Truth About Superstition!

Growing up a Filipino , there are many things listed on our do's and don'ts that were introduced to us by our grandparents and par...

Growing up a Filipino, there are many things listed on our do's and don'ts that were introduced to us by our grandparents and parents

These superstitions are well-known in the Philippines as 'pamahiin'; a belief that explains things we should not do because if we did we will face dire consequences. 

However, not all 'pamahiin' have been proven to carry a logical/scientific explanation to support it but only reasons that could be of practicality, since Filipinos are also known for being practical people. 

And so we have gathered a few of the superstitions that are somehow useful on our daily lives and save us from ridiculous stares:

1. "When You See A Black Cat"

Upon the sight of any black cat, immediately people would freak out. They are believed to bring bad luck once you see them and the only way to cast out the curse is to change the direction you're heading to.

The color black is a color that usually is associated with things that are evil and so by avoiding black cats, it might save you from a dark occurance.

2.  "Don't break a mirror or you'll face 7 years of bad luck!"

When you hear your grandparents say this, you think, HOW IS THAT EVEN CONNECTED?

This superstition is supported by a reason which is, if you damage a mirror, it means damaging your own reflection. And so a part of you will be broken in the future.

Also, it causes a mess in the floor.

3. "Knock on wood."

This is a move we do whenever we say things we don't mean that could cause bad things. It is believed that if we knock on wood, the things we said would go away and not be heard by demons that could possibly make it happen.

4. "Hands itchy means money"

Good things first comes up on your mind once your hand itches because you were taught that it is a sign of soon having money.

This may be because your hands are the most used part of your body whenever you work, and so once it reacts or itches, it reminds us that money will soon land in them.

5. "Utensils predict visitors"

When a person drops a fork while eating, this means that a male visitor is about to arrive. On the contrary, a female visitor is expected if the spoon's dropped.

This is a wide-spread belief that is practiced in various places aside from the Philippines. 

Upon setting the table, we must be getting ready already for a visitor and while preparing, we drop utensils carelessly which may remind us of the upcoming guests.

Superstitions or 'pamahiin' as we call them, are mostly based on practicality and nature. These are just a few of the many we Filipinos believe and hold on to every day on our way to school or work or even inside the house.

They say, there's no harm on relying on these. 

Also, it adds up fun and thrill to our day, don't you think? 


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