[Trending Now] Did God Send Hurricane Matthew as A Warning Message? Find Out Here!

It was September 28 when Hurricane Matthew hit from the Caribbean to the Carolinas , United States and left 1,027 fatalities.  Man...

It was September 28 when Hurricane Matthew hit from the Caribbean to the Carolinas, United States and left 1,027 fatalities. 

Many experts say that Hurricane Matthew is by far one of the most violent weather disturbance that hit the United States in a decade. The storm hit the Category 4 status which was described by National Hurricane Center (NHC) as storms producing “catastrophic damage”-where it has the strength to pull a tree out of its root, damage well-built homes, cause sustained power outages and destroy everything that is in its path, becoming it uninhabitable for months. Moreover, it briefly reached the Category 5 status.

Because of this, many netizens speculated that the Hurricane might be a warning message from God. A post by Facebook user Swipper Neiz trended and went viral as it contained photos and a video of the sky when Hurricane Matthew hit its peak. In addition, it also contained a photo of the storm taken by a satellite.

In the video, it can be seen that the sky is very dark and when the lightning struck, an angel-like image was formed. The angel seemed to be flying with its wings striking upward. The photo was further reposted as a screen-captured tweet of @elizabethgd99 saying “Hurricane Matthew is supposed to hit on 10/7. Matthew 10:7 says “Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”

The post garnered many reactions and comments from the netizens. Some of them interpreted it as merely coincidence but some interpreted it as a message from the Supreme Being.

Daniel Gonzales wrote: “We are overseen by powers we will never understand.”

However, experts have yet to confirm or explain this phenomena.

The Facebook post has gotten 5.4k reactions and 75k shares as of writing.

Source: TNP , NBC


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