[Trending Now] CAUGHT ON CAM: Traffic Enforcer Gets Shot and Ran Over By An Accosted Driver! Watch The Horrible Footage Here!

In Barangay Silangan , Quezon City , a driver got murderous after a traffic enforcer removed his p...

In Barangay Silangan, Quezon City, a driver got murderous after a traffic enforcer removed his plate number for charging him for double-parking. The driver shot the traffic enforcer and even ran over him while he was escaping.

The incident started with the driver and his companion going out of their parked vehicle. Moments later, Ernesto Paras Jr. a traffic enforcer came and talked to the first car parked along with the vehicle just a few moments ago.

After the first car moved along, Paras searched for the driver of the vehicle that was just parked. However, when he was not able to see the driver, he removed the plate number and left a note in the car.

The driver immediately came and talked to the traffic enforcer. Two other man talked to Paras and pleaded to him but he rejected their pleas;. 

Another angle of the CCTV footage showed the driver going to his car and getting something. The driver then pointed the gun and shot Paras even though he was running for protection. The driver went to his car and he ran Paras over before he totally escaped. 

Unfortunately, Paras did not make it when he was brought to the hospital. 

“Nagkamali ng parada po. Eh ngayon, pinuntahan ko yung ano, pinuntahan ako nang mekaniko po diyan sabi niya, ‘Kaibigan baka pwede mo yun, pakiusapan yung Traffic Enforcer.’ Eh sabi niya sa akin, ‘Eh ayaw kitang kausap, yung ano, yung may-ari daw nung kotse,’” said Raul Pagdato, a witness.

Authorities now have leads on the crime. They are also coordinating with LTO (Land Transportation Office) to determine the identity of the suspect.

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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