[Trending] 10+ Terrifyingly Pawsome Halloween Cat Costumes

Halloween is a great time for us humans, but why should your cat miss out on all the fun? Show them how much you love them by forcing them t...

Halloween is a great time for us humans, but why should your cat miss out on all the fun? Show them how much you love them by forcing them to wear a funny Halloween costume so they too can partake in all the spooky celebrations. Take a look at these pictures to see what we mean. Compiled by Bored Panda, the list is full of funny cat costumes that everybody will find hilarious. Everybody except for your cat that is.

Have any cats in Halloween gear? Then add them to the list below!

Yahtzee’s a strawberry!

Image credits: aimmicester

This cute pirate

Image credits: lordstanleycat


Image credits: ekvnk

Punk rock kitty

Image credits: pethouseboutiquespa

Henry in his Halloween costume

Image credits: hohospade

Yes, I know I’m going to hell for this, but it’s so worth it

Image credits: lovelyjublies

not amused by being dressed up as a mouse

Image credits: kirstenyo

Look at that Island kitty. Shake that grass skirt

Image credits: littlekatmom

Katamari dressed as a lobster

Image credits: retrolife.typepad.com

My girlfriend homemade this costume for Miko’s first Halloween

Image credits: kinglouislxix

Cats all ready for Halloween

Image credits: Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo

Pudding the kitten dressed up as a Night Fury ready for Halloween. Hello, Toothless!

Image credits: HerpDerp_5150

grumpy cat hates halloween

Image credits: sexydeathtime

Every Halloween, my cats suffer at the hands of my Mother’s amusement

Image credits: MissKrispay

Ramses is stoked for Halloween. He picked out his costume himself

Image credits: Jam1ePetr0

Dressed up my cat as a hot dog for this Halloween. as you guys can see, she was very happy about her new costume

Image credits: indirathesphynx

lion cat

bat cat

Image credits: gringostar2

This is my cat Minion in his Halloween costume

Image credits: brogrammer9k

It’s A Pig, Not A Cat!

Image credits: hamusoku.com

mario cat

Image credits: cutestuff.co


Princess Leia Kitty

Breaking Bad Cat

Image credits: technologytell.com

spider cat

My friend’s daughter handmade the purrfect Halloween costume for their kitty Apollo

Image credits: misspolkadot

Mexican Kitty

I bought Nala an Oscar the Grouch costume for Halloween. Did not expect it to be THIS hilarious!

Image credits: Chexjc

My sister-in-law bought a halloween costume for her cat. This is what he does when she puts it on him

Image credits: kcraft4826

Ghato As Cat Sparrow

Ghato . Sherredder

Eeevil Wizard

Momo The Witch Cat

Cow cat

business guy cat

Image credits: Ledepps

My cat had his eye removed last month. Instant Halloween costume!

Image credits: Twitch1113

Filur – The Devon Rex Hammerhead Shark!

Cat the prisoner

Alan As A Policeman

little red

Image credits: gettyimages.com

Source: BoredPanda


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