[Viral Now] 3 Easy Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Sitting All Day

Nowadays, offices are built around sitting, and If you continue that way, you’d soon come to realize the inherent problem with this lifesty...

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Nowadays, offices are built around sitting, and If you continue that way, you’d soon come to realize the inherent problem with this lifestyle. Your body was specially designed for immutable movement. It readily thrives when it has the opportunity to move in its fully intended angle of motion and, as we’re now rapidly seeing struggles when forced to get it restricted to one place for a longer time.

What’s the bad side of sitting for too long?

As indicated by Dr. James Levine, co-executive of the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Obesity Initiative, there are no less than 24 distinctive interminable ailments and conditions connected with excessive sitting.

As he once wrote in Scientific American:

I have worked in obesity research for a very long while, and my lab has concentrated on the impact of inactive ways of life at the atomic level as far as possible up to office outline design.

Lack of movement of the body slows down our metabolism rate, thus causing a drastic reduction in the amount of food that is converted to energy. Still in the same vein, fats to pile and accumulate; followed by obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and many more that come as a result of excessive weight. Research also shows that sitting for long hours is bad for lean people, too.

Let’s assume you’re used to constantly remaining in your office chair after each meal; do you know that it often leads to high blood sugar spikes? Whereas standing up after meals can revert that by cutting down those spikes by certain percentage”.

It’s no longer a new medical news that sitting for longer time increases your risk for

  • Premature death
  • Unstable Mental health
  • 47% higher risk of depression in women
  • Higher risk chronic diseases etc,

What’s the Curative approach to Long term Sitting?

Converting our theories in practicals…it’s true it sounds good to be heard in theory; but it’s probably not going to end there. Here, we’ll be discussing a few practical ways you can easily change your notion from oho! It’s quite difficult but it’s achievable. If you’re in any of the categories that finds sitting as being part of your sedentary life — here are few exercises to engage just for the sole purpose of bettering your health.

Embrace standing up spasmodically

What does your office furniture settings say? Some modern offices are well implemented with the sit-stand workstation types of chairs and sometimes the treadmill desks. If you’re opportuned to have these in place; good for you! Those types of workstations easily replaced at least 25% of their standing and sitting time thus enhanced for comfort — even so it reduces fatigue and awkwardness.

But on the off-chance that you don’t have such furniture in place in your office, don’t let that be an obstruction. Take up an intermittent type of sitting mode, stand up after a said period of time and engage into doing something that will last for at least 15 minutes.

Attempt the “Pomodoro Technique”

A lot of people engage in pomodoro for many special reasons, in your case; you can wind one up to 20 minutes or set a desktop calculator to monitor your progress. In the middle of the event, concentrate on your work seriously. Immediately it goes off, take 5 minutes to stroll, do bouncing jacks, or generally enjoy a reprieve from your work. This helps you to stay re-invigorated while keeping away from burnout.

Pomodoro Technique

Take a short Stroll

Whether at home or at work, chances are you’re not under obligation to stay affixed to a particular location all day long. Sit and work for a while, then stand up and settle for a short stroll. It could be to deliver relevant information to the receptionist or perchance having the need to get cup of water. Be it as it may; this same procedure can be observed at least every quarterly till office time elapses.

Conclusively, overall general body movement whether or not at work; maybe on board a vehicle to a distant destination, a long yacht ride, etc. is however very needful for an improved health condition and also help in preventing the risk of heart diseases amongst all others.

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