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Tina Louden celebrated her daughter's 28th birthday not with lights and parties but with a Facebook post talking to her daughter...

Tina Louden celebrated her daughter's 28th birthday not with lights and parties but with a Facebook post talking to her daughter's drug dealer with a picture of her holding a pink urn which contains her daughter's ashes.

Tina's post went viral as it contains her message to the people who supplied heroin to her daughter Ashley, which caused her death three years ago. On the 15th day of August this year is supposed to be the 28th birthday of Ashley and this day also, Tina chose to break her silence about Ashley's unexpected death. 

“To my daughter’s drug dealer, this is how I spend my daughter’s birthday now... How do you live with yourself???" Tina posted in her Facebook account quoting from cbsnews.com. The post went viral as it garnered 89K likes and was shared 256,000 times which prove that Louden's message transcends to many people across the world and made them realize the detrimental effect of drugs and heroin to the youth. 

Louden told CBS News that it is the drug dealer's responsibility because what they are selling poison that kills people no matter who they are or what their age is. Louden also gave emphasis on how each and every family of the victims are getting affected.

“I feel that drug dealers need to be held somewhat responsible. They know they’re selling poison; they know it can kill them, and I wanted her drug dealer to see how my family suffers.” the emotional Louden said.

According to Louden, her daughter started abusing drugs as early as when she is still a teenager and eventually forced herself to consume heroin. Her daughter tried to fight her addiction for five years but because of lack of financial support, she eventually lost her battle and died a month after her 25th birthday. 
“Torture, it’s torture, there’s an emptiness,” Louden said as she recalled missing her daughter year every year during her birthday. Louden still hopes that her daughter will inspire many people to continuously fight against this epidemic that is “wiping our children out."
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report saying that the use of heroin has doubled among young adults from ages 18-25 for the last 10 years. In addition, 9 out of 10 heroin users tested positive for using other drugs and among them is Ashley.

“Drugs do not discriminate. They take the rich and the poor, the good and the bad; it doesn’t matter who you are." Louden powerfully stated. Louden also recalled how many times she argued with her daughter about whether she is going to pick up Ashley from jail or she will burry her down the ground. Louden narrated that she hoped for the prison but then it did not end up the way she wanted.
“You know, I’m either going to visit you in prison or I’m going bury you. Unfortunately, that’s not the route we went".

Meanwhile, Tina Louden still continues to give advice to parents like her who are sharing her the same situation.

"Don’t ever give up on them. Don’t look down on them, and try to do whatever you can to get them the help they need,” Louden said.

Source: TNP , Cbsnews


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