[Trending Now] Toni Gonzaga Bids Goodbye To Pinoy Big Brother! Why? Better Read This Now!

Actress, singer and host of the hit reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother , bids her temporary farewell because of her pregnancy.  On her la...

Actress, singer and host of the hit reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother, bids her temporary farewell because of her pregnancy. 

On her last day, she was the guest on PBB online and it was still the first trimester of her baby. 

“Actually ilang beses ako tumatawad. Sabi ko, sabi ko nung una, September 25 last day ko. Sabi ng Doctor ko, ‘Ha? Totoo ba yan?’ Okay, September 20. Tapos sabi niya, ‘Two weeks ka na lang.’ Tas sabi ko, ‘Oh sige po titigil na po ako September 15.’” She shared on PBB Online.

She also said that she is to give birth on her baby on October but for safety precautions she has to rest. 

Excited, Toni told Robi off camera that everything is set for their baby. The baby’s room and even the baby’s clothes are all set. She even labelled the baby cabinet by 0-3 months, 3-6months, so on and so forth. Also at the arrangements at the hospital is also ready. 

Toni added that the couple will travel with the baby after they have dedicated their baby boy. Of course with Mommy Pinty, Toni’s Mom who is now going to be a grandmother. Bianca Gonzales, the host, pointed out that Toni is lucky to have two Moms, Mommy Pinty and Mommy Marissa (Direk Paul’s Mom), to take care of her and her baby. 

“Yes, actually dito ko talaga naa-appreciate yung having two moms kase pareho silang magiging hands-on, Im sure dahil first on both sides yung apo,” Toni said.

Her PBB family gave her a gift – a frame with her picture alongside are their well wishes for Toni. Gonzaga even joked on putting it on her baby’s nursery. 

Big Brother or also known as ‘Kuya’ also gave her a personal video message on Toni’s last day. On the video, her dedication and sacrifices for her work was featured. Kuya also greeted, “Thank you and Goodluck! You’re Child’s Big Godfather.”

After watching the video, Toni became nostalgic after showing her ring that she bought with her first salary from PBB, she said, “Actually, may sinuot ako ngayon. Itong ring na ‘to, I remembered, noong 2005 yung unang sweldo ko sa PBB, binili ko siya ng eternity ring kase I felt like I was married to the show, I married the show. And binili ko talaga eternity kase sabi ko, for as long as Kuya will need my service, I will always be available for him.”

Toni added that the next time that they will see her, she is now a mother.

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN


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