[Trending Now] This notorious hired killer involved in summary execution was arrested for killing drug users!

An alleged ‘ hired killer ’ in San Indefonso, Bulacan has been arrested by police authorities aft...

An alleged ‘hired killer’ in San Indefonso, Bulacan has been arrested by police authorities after being linked to multiple extrajudicial killings of numerous drug pushers in their town.

According to a report of GMA 7’s 24 Oras reporter Marisol Abdurahman, than man, known by the alias “Ogie”, was believed to be hired by a high-ranking official in their town to kill drug pushers. 
He was arrested Friday night in Brgy. Poblacion, San Idefonso.

Ogie was known to be the prime suspect for killing former Pandi vice mayor Roberto Rivera and three drug pushers named Zaldy Gatchalian, Aga dela Cruz, and Onad Ombien,
According to a report from Marisol Abdurahman from GMA 7's 24 Oras last Tuesday, the man is now in the custody of local police and has been identified by the alias "Ogie".
These three drug pushers were found wrapped up with a tape and a cardboard with a message saying they are drug users.

Ogie said he was paid P15 thousand for each drug pusher or user he killed.
Provincial Director of Bulacan-PNP Senior Supt. Romeo Caramat Jr. said they are currently investigating the crime and the high-ranking official of San Indenfonso who was linked to Ogie.
He is now in the custody of the local police.

As of the press time, officials of San Indenfonso has not yet released an official statement about the incident.

In a report by Time magazine, there are already 1,391 deaths caused by extrajudicial killings in the country as of Sept. 5 where an average of 37 people are reportedly killed every day


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