[Trending Now] This Girl Was Busy Playing Inside The House. But Watch Closely As Something Terrifying Happened To Her That Went Viral Online!

A video posted by  Liezl Bonita  gone viral on facebook which shows how her daughter was pulled by unseen  creature .  She said on her p...

A video posted by Liezl Bonita gone viral on facebook which shows how her daughter was pulled by unseen creature

She said on her post, "ung habang naglalaba ako sa labas, takot syang sumisigaw papunta skin un pala naisip na naman nyang ivideo sarili nya pero ito ung kinalabasan... scary naman...."

Liezl said that her daughter took another video of herself while she was washing their clothes. At first, the table moved twice until the little girl noticed that something was wrong with the table. While the girl was standing in front of the table and stares at it, an unseen creature pulled the girl backward.

The little girl was crying calling her mom for she's so frightened of what had happen to her.

Some of their friends and other people commented to this post and reacted to the scary video.

"Saan yan??sino yung humila sa kanya???grabe sya katakot.umalis na kayo jan madam," Sheila Penilla Said.

"Dapat pa blessing mo yan zel," Mildred Magao Padallon suggested.

"Prang may yumakap paatras sa bewang,, pinaulit ulit ko 3x gumalaw ung mesa,,katakot nga," Lina Alvarez commended.

Raii Angelo Dar also said, "Ingat kayo jan ate liezl pray lang po."

Watch this video and it will surely scare you!

Source: TNP Facebook


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