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Asian countries are very rich with different herbs which are very beneficial to the body . However, most of these plants are unknown to ...

Asian countries are very rich with different herbs which are very beneficial to the body. However, most of these plants are unknown to many or are used for different purpose.

One of these is the Moringa oleifera or more popularly known as the 'malunggay'. Did you know that this plant, which we just commonly put in our viant, is actually very healthy and contains different nutrients for the body? It is proven to cure over 300 diseases and is even described as the "miracle tree." Both the leaves and pods are healthy to tell you, but the leaves are a little bit more nutritious than  its pods. A cup of its leaves contains 157% of RDA of Vitamin C. Not just that, it also contains: 

-Vitamin B6 – 19% of your daily allowance
-Vitamin A – 9%
-Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 11%
-Vitamin C – 12%
-Proteins – 2g
-Iron – 11%
-Magnesium – 8%

But wait, there's more! Here are the other benefits of this amazing plant!
1) Stronger Bones
Aside from vitamins, it also contains iron and calcium, which helps strenghtening the bones and preventing density loss. 

2)Anti-cancer properties
Its fruit is rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals preventing the formation of cancer cells. It also has chlorogenic and quercetin that prevents growth of tumors. 

3) Headache Relief
Its root is actually is actually good in relieving headache. Just extract the juice from its root and mix it will equal among of jaggery. 

4) Treat Eye Problems
The paste from grinded leaves of this plant and water can help in eye problems like conjunctivitis. Mix its juice with honey and apply it like an eyeliner to treat eye swelling and corneal disorders. 

5) Regulate Blood Sugar
Studies show that the drumstick of the plant helps lower blood sugar levels.

6) Cleanse the Blood
A soup made from its drumstick pods and leaves can clean the blood and can also treat acne and other skin issues as it has antibiotic properties. 

7) Anti-aging food
Its high level of Vitamin A slows down the signs of aging and strengthens eyesight. It also helps the immune system to be stronger.


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