[Trending Now] This Bone-Chilling Instagram Horror Film Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Selfies

The generation of social media, whether you are on Facebook, Snapchat , Twitter , or Instagram , has become one of the most self-obsessed ...

The generation of social media, whether you are on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram, has become one of the most self-obsessed generations that we will ever see, and it's possibly just the start of it.

A short horror film about that has gone viral after it portrayed a sinister side that could possibly be the truth for some netizens. 

The short film is called ME2, Alex J. Mann’s investigation of the sinister side of social media and how all the hashtags and hearts may not be as innocent as we all think it is. 

For the last few months, Mann and his LA-based production company, Space Oddity Films, has been making technology-themed horror shorts which seem bound for TV or film adaptations, much like TV series Black Mirror or 2014 movie Unfriended. 

This production company, along with co-writer/producer K. Adam Bloom, is known to produce “films that explore technology’s impact on culture and how that relationship will shape our future,” and is rapidly being known for this new tech-horror genre. 

“We're becoming more and more ingrained with our devices and apps,” Mann tells the Daily Dot. “We get sad when batteries die, happy when people like and comment our posts, and so on. It felt like a primal area to tap into.”

Julia Kelly was the star in this short film that was about a girl who was resting and scrolling through her phone, when she stopped at a girl’s photo and was choked by it ala Sadako coming out from the TV.

Earlier this year, Mann also made a short film that tapped into the dark side of Snapchat in his hair-raising short called 3 Seconds, as well as the Photoshop-themed Cropped.

Source: TNP, Youtube


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