[Trending Now] SHOCKING: Kisses Cried Over Heaven’s Revelation About Her and Marco!

In the ABS - CBN evening reality show Pinoy Big Brother , Kisses Delavin was unable to stop her tears from falling when Heaven Peralejo ...

In the ABS-CBN evening reality show Pinoy Big Brother, Kisses Delavin was unable to stop her tears from falling when Heaven Peralejo admitted the real score behind her and housemate Marco Gallo last September 4.

When the girl housemates of PBB found time to talk with each other, Heaven made it an opportunity to discuss with her housemates how is she being treated by Marco and another housemate Edward Barber. In connection, Maymay Entrata, another housemate, expressed her speculation about Marco and Edward having special feelings for Heaven. As they continue their conversation, Heaven mentioned that Marco is only approaching Kisses to make her jealous. This statement of Heaven made Kisses cry emotionally when Heaven left the girls room. Kisses failed to stop her emotions as she admitted how hurt she was when heaven blurted out Marco’s intention of being with Kisses.
On the other hand, a netizen named Rohan Ron Granadozo expressed her disappointment to Heaven on the comment section of ABS-CBN’s article of what happened. Granadozo exclaimed that Heaven is not acting as a role model for Filipino youths who are watching the program. 
“si H po ay hindi magandang halimbawa ng isang dalagang pilipina at Hindi din po sya mabuting halimbawa ng kabataang pinoy , star magic sya pero mukang hindi maganda ang pagkakahubog sa kanya ! “
He also asked the station to not ignore the actions portrayed by Heaven especially that it can be seen on the nation television. Granadozo also mentioned the possibility of Heaven attacking other housemates as she already did it to Maymay and Kisses. In addition, he also emphasized that it should only be Heaven who is supposed to be nominated as she portrays actions that are unpleasant in the eyes of the viewers. 
“ Sana naman po wag nyo pong ipagsawalang bahala yang mga movement ni heaven hindi po maganda ang paningin namin at ng mga nanonood sa mga ginagawa nya sa cohousemates nya nung una si maymay ngayon si kisses nanan susunod si kristine naman ?”
“Dapat nga sya lang ang nanominate na girls eh madami syang mga ginawang hindi nagustuhan ng girls”
To balance his statements, he said that he liked Heaven before but as time goes by, Heaven is already showing her true color in the PBB house. Granadozo even compared Heaven to a tame lamb that becomes a goat with horns. Granadozo also accused Heaven of being the one who brings tension inside Big Brother’s House.
“noong una gusto ko sya pero unti unting lumabas ang tunay nyang ugali mula tupa naging kambing na may sungay ! hindi sa nambabash po ako realtalk kasi sya po ang nagiging dahilan ng tension sa loob ng bahay ni kuya !”

Meanwhile, many other netizens seemed to agree on Granadozo’s statements about Heaven.

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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