[Trending Now] Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sets A Car On Fire After Exploding In A Man's Jeep In Florida!

It was not long after the reporting of an accident in Australia, when a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exp...

It was not long after the reporting of an accident in Australia, when a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded inside a hotel room. 
Another occurrence of such happened in St. Petersburgh, Florida, when another of the said device exploded inside a Jeep. 

The owner, Nathan Dornacher, told reporters that he and his family just came home from a yard sale. He was just unloading a desk that he just bought and was putting it inside their house, leaving his smartphone charging inside his car which was still running. 
To his shock, the car was in flames when he came back. “Not the barbecue I wanted on my day off,” Dornacher wrote on Facebook, sharing photos of his vehicle on fire and the charred remnants of his cellphone. 

Firemen were able to contain the blaze, which tore through the Dornacher family Jeep.

Recently, the cutting-edge smartphone has also been banned from international airlines, following a number of incidents which were believed to be a result of battery issues. The US Federal Aviation Administration said it "strongly advises" passengers to follow its guidance "in light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices." Cebu Pacific has also banned the device from being checked in.

Angry social media users have shared photographs of charred smartphones, complaining the devices had burst into flames while charging. Experts believe that Samsung may have to allot $1billion, following its decision to replace all 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones that have shipped since it went on-sale, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

Source: TNP , Elitenewsfeed


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