[Trending Now] Rock Star' Duterte Was Admired By Other Leaders in ASEAN Summit, Emerges As An Influential Leader

Other high ranking officials and delegate during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ( Asean ) summit made Philippine President ...

Other high ranking officials and delegate during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit made Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte feel like a "rockstar" as they scarmble to get selfies with him, says Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar.

"President Duterte is a rock star not only in our country but also in other countries like Laos, Japan—and how the other foreign ministers and delegates have scrambled to get a selfie with our President. You have a President of the Republic who can stand and deliver," he said during a press briefing on Wednesday.

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella also shared how the President is slowly becoming an emerging leader with great fluence among the ASEAN region.

"The tone of conversation between the nations seems to indicate that they recognize his influence; they recognize his political will, they recognize his firmness; they recognize his resolve, especially for example, to address drugs, the flow of illegal drugs. In fact, Prime Minister of Singapore asked how he was dealing with it considering the fact that the Philippines does not have the death penalty," Abella said. 

"The leadership within the region seems to recognize that he has the political will. And he has been warmly received and warmly admired in spite of the fact that you said it’s a common thing, because they could easily snub him considering the fact that he has also had some noise in the press," he added.

"It’s basically that. It’s just a general assessment that instead of what one would expect would be pretty negative press about him. In fact he seems to be pretty warmly received."

He further shared how "admirable" Duterte handled conversations between other leaders during the summit.

"I keep going back to that – very sophisticated political thinking, political conversation. It’s quite admirable. It’s quite admirable that he is able to ... that he has able, that he actually engages in this kind of conversation which is not always often seen."

"He has the capacity for statesmanship that is usually missed because of the noise regarding some of his statements."

Source: TNP , Inquirer, Youtube


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