[Trending Now] PH-Vietnam Friendship Rises; Agrees on 6-Year Strategic Partnership.

President Rodrigo Duterte's meeting with Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang was productive according to some Cabinet members wh...

President Rodrigo Duterte's meeting with Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang was productive according to some Cabinet members who were present during the meeting of the two. 

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto Yasay shared that the two countries have amicably agreed on the 6-year strategic planning which includes rice trades, agricultural information exchanges, construction, and oil and gas explorations. It can also be recalled that Vietnam has maritime disputes with China, same with PH. Both agreed to pursue bilateral negotiations and strengthen maritime cooperation.

"Incidentally, when we say maritime cooperation, it also includes among other things, in making sure that the maritime environment and health is put back there in the light of certain distractions that have been made. This is an interest not only of Vietnam and the Philippines, but an interest and concern of the entire international community," Yasay said.

On the other hand, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez shared how the two countries planned on leveling-up their existing partnership and stated: "At least we have an assurance that Vietnam will help us with the supply.  Walang agreement pinirmahan [There was no agreement signed] at least for the next two years, but there is a mutual understanding that rice requirements that we would have can be supplied also from Vietnam,"

"The President actually thanked the President of Vietnam for really providing a good, you know, a good environment for the Filipino workers here in Vietnam. So nagpasalamat ang ating Presidente din doon. And of course, ganon din 'yung gina-guarantee niya sa mga pupunta rin sa bansa natin." Lopez added. 

"This is what the President also mentioned, food and food preparations, high-value processed agriculture products, furniture, metal fabrication… the President also talked about the beautiful, fine furniture that we have. So there's a lot of new potentials for the exportation to Vietnam," he also said. 

Meanwhile, as one of the Filipino delegates in Vietnam, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano said: "We think and we respect 'di ba, foreign powers, world powers? But isn't it better if we open doors and start talking," referring to the President's acknowledgement for the need of strengthening the solidarity of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

"If there [are] criticisms of how he speaks in general or how he rattles some diplomatic relations through press cons or speeches, the individual leaders that he has one-on-one continuously praises him for the candidness, truthfulness, openness so I think in much less time, much more are being done, " Cayetano added.

President Duterte also assured the OFW in Vietnam to protect them at all cost and said:

"You guys when you go home, there will be changes. There will be no harassments in the Immigration and Customs. I will not allow that," the President said.

"I'm telling everybody, every meeting in the Cabinet: This will be a clean government. Let us give the Filipino a respite of the agony and suffering,"

PH-Vietnam Friendship Rises; Agrees on 6-Year Strategic Partnership.
Source: TNPCNNPhilippines


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