[Trending Now] Netizen Expressed Anger Towards ABS-CBN For Taking 'Exclusive' Video While His Cousin Is Being Stabbed To Death

An 'exclusive' footage taken by ABS - CBN and shared on the morning news ' Umagang Kay Ganda ' of two men brawling leadin...

An 'exclusive' footage taken by ABS-CBN and shared on the morning news 'Umagang Kay Ganda' of two men brawling leading to the death of one of the men involved was taken against the network by relatives of the man claiming that if they chose to intervene rather than prioritize taking the video, his cousin may have been saved.

Netizen with a facebook name Raven Hagorn expresses his outrage towards the network for sharing the footage rather than interfering.

The video showed two men brawling in the streets, the fight later on turned grave when the shorter of the two took out a small knife and stabbed the victim to death in his neck and chest part. According to news, victim James Chua died due to the injuries acquired in the fight, while suspect Melchor Espanola ran in his haste to escape although was later on arrested by cops with the help of informations provided by witnesses who also took part in chasing Espanola.

The cousin of Chua shared his sentiments saying his cousin could have been alive 'til now if only the media crew chose to help instead. 

Many netizens sided Chua's relative expressing sympathy for Chua and hatred towards the said network, however some also defended the media crew saying he might have also feared for his life.


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