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Casey Neistat, a filmmaker and a YouTuber got to experience a first class flight at the Emirates. ...

Casey Neistat, a filmmaker and a YouTuber got to experience a first class flight at the Emirates. 

It was a 14-hour flight from Dubai to New York City. Luckily, Neistat got a free upgrade to First Class on Emirates. In the video, he said that he searched on how much will a first class flight from JFK-DXB will cost and surprisingly, it costs for about $21,635.30 (P1,035,361.37) and this is the lowest price he saw. He documented every single minute of the flight, however, he said that he was not paid by the airline to do the video.

“When I think of the greatest days of my entire life, I think of when my children were born or perhaps when my son graduated high school or today. When I was upgraded from business to first on Emirates,” Neistat said.

First class flights on Emirates is described to be one of the best. According to Nestiat, it was like having your own house inside an airplane. It has complete amenities like a bag full of toiletries, food that you can just order then they’ll cook it for you, a touch screen television and a mini bar where you can get your drink beside you. 

The most amazing thing for Neistat is showering on the plane. You have to make reservations before you can take a shower. So what he did was he reserved it close to landing. When he was inside the bathroom, he featured everything that is in it. From the branded shampoos and soaps, the real orchids, then the shower. 

“It really does change your whole relationship with travel. When you take home the most painful part of travelling. Instead of that being a terrible experience, it goes from pain, to whole experience of travelling, so much more pleasurable,” Neistat said.

Source: TNP, Youtube


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