[Trending Now] LEAKED: BrAngelina Divorce Reasons Finally Revealed Here!

The Br Angelina divorce was dropped like a bomb and quickly went viral all over the world. Their fans who supported their partnership sin...

The BrAngelina divorce was dropped like a bomb and quickly went viral all over the world. Their fans who supported their partnership since 2004 have been greatly devastated and broken hearted themselves. It trended almost the whole day and netizens can't help air their own sentiments about it. But everything boiled down to the question "WHY?" Well, many netizens also pitched out their own theories and claims as to why our classic favorite couple of all time, broke up. Here are the 13 best theories!

1) Angelina Doesn't Like Brad's Parenting Style
They have 6 Children at all in which 3 of them were adopted. But rumors are Angeline is quite disappointed of how Brad treats their children and has asked the judge for the custody of all their children. 

2) They have been arguing about Brad's apparent substance abuse struggles.
Some sources say that Brad has been involved in weed and alcohol abuse. But we want to hold on to Brad's statement in the eyar 2013 that he has abandoned partying and old ways to start their family. 

3)  Brad might have an anger problem.
Some sources say that according to some of Angelina's closest friends, Brad is having a hard time dealing with his anger. 

4) Angelina has been preparing her PR team for the divorce.
Well, as of the first 3 theories and theories to come, it seems like Brad has been the problem alone. So theories are, Angelina already prepared for this with his PR team so everyone will point the finger to Brad. 

5) Brad was too close with Angelina's father.
If you're a fully-blooded Angelina fan, you would have know that Angelina never got along with his dad Jon Voight. But rumors say that Brad got along too much with Angelina. 

6) Brad cheated on Angelina.
This is the most famous theory as Brad is suspected to be having affair with Allies co-star Marion Cottilard. According to sources, Angelina even hired a spy to investigate on this. OOOH!

7) Brad fell back into a party lifestyle.
Aside from the substance abuse, rumors are Brad fell back to partying which of course very unbecoming of him as a father let alone husband. 

8) There was some sort of dramatic incident...
It is somewhat sensible to believe that a big incident happened that led them to reevaluating their marriage and led to a mutual decision of divorce. 

9) Brad was frequently surrounded by Russian hookers.
Rumors are Brad is consistently surrounded by Russian prostitutes on his dressing room while filming Allied. 

10) Brad is going through a midlife crisis and Angelina can't handle it.
Again, it's Brad's fault and Angelina is just fed up with Brad's many struggles.

11) Brad thought that Angelina was too soft on the kids.
Finally, something opposite! Well, we all know Angelina has been very loving with the kids. But Brad is concerned of how to instill discipline on them when they're being that pampered. 

12) The two haven't been spending much time together as of late.
It was simply put as they had no time to be together as Brad was busy filming. Sad!

13)  Brad has fled to Europe in the past because of arguments with Jolie.

Lastly, Brad has been spotted in Europe in rumors are, he was escaping arguments with Jolie.

So which do you think of these are the real reason?

LEAKED: BrAngelina Divorce Reasons Finally Revealed Here!
Source: TNP , Diply


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