[Trending Now] Illegal Drug Trade And Ethics Complaint Will Be Filed Against De Lima! Here Is Her Extreme Statement! READ IT HERE!

Ethics complaint against Senator Leila De Lima will be pushed through. Senator Tito Sotto , Chairman of the Ethics committee said th...

Ethics complaint against Senator Leila De Lima will be pushed through.

Senator Tito Sotto, Chairman of the Ethics committee said that after the organizational meeting they will have an official meeting with regards to the affidavit complaint that was being filed by Attorney De Jesus

Sotto did mention what Atty. De Jesus’ complaint was due to he does not have the liberty to say it but he said in an interview with Pinky Webb:

“In a nut shell parang he has issues about the relation or the pagkakadawit niya sa illegal drug trade pagkatapos betrayal of public trust, moral conduct.”

 However, Pinky Webb during her interview with Sen. Sotto asked that if it is right - it said by Sen. Ping Lacson that the summary of the complaint is still a blur because the case filed against De Lima has to occur if she is already a Senator. Sotto answered:

“Pwede ‘yun. Tama ‘yun... Kung ang complaint ay panahong hindi siya pa senador, kung ano man ang trabaho niya nun eh di i-re-refer ng ah… Malamang I-refer ng committee yun dun sa proper investigative arm kung meron man. Kung hindi naman, pwede namin i-dismiss out right.” 

On the other side, Senator Leila De Lima became emotional as she gave her statement with regards to the complaint. 

“ Ano ba talaga? I think hindi talaga ako titigilan. Na hindi ako ano, anong gagawin ko dapat? Mag-resign? O barilin ang sarili ko? Hindi ba? I won’t do either. Neither, I can not do that because I know deep in my heart and in my mind that I’m not at all guilty of anything that they’re saying.” De Lima said at the Senate. 

She also added, “No, I’m not gonna give them that opportunity or the pleasure of seeing me quote – unquote defeated because I have done nothing wrong.” 


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