[Trending Now] If Disney Movies Starred Filipinas, These Ladies Would Make The List

If Disney Movies would set in the Philippines , these Filipinas would be a perfect fit for a queen or princess role. Filipina Muslim ...

If Disney Movies would set in the Philippines, these Filipinas would be a perfect fit for a queen or princess role.

Filipina Muslim royals are known to have a limited freedom but are equally exceptional in their own ways. So much so that they could be deemed as queens and princesses in a movie, with great influences that shaped the Muslim socio-political history.

1. Queen Sima of Cotabato

This queen was famous for her sense of justice and respect for the law. 

Word was that an Arabian King once tested her quality by demanding a courtier to plant a sack of gold on a road along the Reyna Sima's kingdom.

3 years passed and no one laid a hand on the treasure except for Reyna Sima's son and felt it with his foot. Immediately, the queen called to punish her own son and cut his foot off but ministers pleaded for the prince's mercy and so the queen decided to cut just one toe off his foot.

2. Queen Tuambaloca of Jolo

A Basilan woman who took power upon becoming the wife of Raja Bongso and became Queen of Jolo (1649-50).

On the historic Moro expeditions on January 4, 1638, Tuambaloca earned admiration from the Spaniards for showing bravery together with her husband as they held off over 4,000 invaders and warriors.

3. Princess Purmassuri of Sulu

During the time when the Spaniards moved into the Moroland, this beautiful and brave Sulu princess came to their rescue.

Purmassuri conspired with the leaders to devise a plan against the Spaniards and journeyed to the Spanish cuartel  using her charms to sabotage. She distracted the soldiers while the Moro army attacked the stealth and took victory.



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