[Trending Now] Footage Of Mar Roxas Applauding And Praising Duterte Goes Viral Online! But Why? Watch This Now!

A video from ANC is going viral as it shows Mar Roxas expressing his praises towards President Rodrigo Duterte before the latter file...

A video from ANC is going viral as it shows Mar Roxas expressing his praises towards President Rodrigo Duterte before the latter filed his candidacy for the last May elections but the video stirs confusion as it allegedly shows the two sides of Mar Roxas's treatment for Digong.

The exact date when the video was taken cannot be identified but pinoytrendingnews.net confirmed that it was taken long before President Duterte filed his candidacy which means Roxas's remarks was made before their rivalry for presidency started.

This sparks netizen's interpretation that Mar Roxas is truly amazed of Digong's progressive actions in Davao but he chose to lambaste Duterte when they became rivals for Presidency. this interpretation marks the netizens to perceive Mar Roxas as a person who is not transparent on Duterte.

One comment from pinoytrendingnews.net's article goes like "Luma na nga yan, kaya ibig sabihin nyan ay "praise na praise" niya si Digong sa nagawa nito sa Davao at puwede raw i-apply sa iba't-ibang region ng Pilipinas... tapos ngayon iba na ang mga salita niya kc magkalaban... Well, it just shows what kind of a person Marimar (Mar Roxas) is..."

It is true that Mar Roxas expressed his impressiveness with what Davao city under former Mayor Duterte has achieved. Moreover, Roxas also remarked the strict and proper execution of rules in the city.

"Davao City has always been known for having a clear set of rules, these rules are steadfastly, reliably and consistently applied. You know exactly what is good citizenship and bad citizenship.” Roxas said in the video.

Roxas also said that with Duterte’s kind of leadership, the whole country can benefit from what Davao had experienced.

“I think that is the quality of governance in Davao City that can benefit many other parts of the country.” Roxas added.

Furthermore, Roxas also expressed his affirmation regarding Duterte’s proposed form of government which is Federalism.

“I think the call for Federalism is providing an alternative solution to a problem. It is not necessarily an end goal itself. I think the problem is that we ought to more infrastructure spending, more social services spending, more business connectivity and interconnectivity and more enterprise promotion and so on and so forth.” Roxas said.

Meanwhile, the video truly showed how impressed Roxas was with Duterte’s achievement but it seemed to have changed when the elections and campaigns took place.


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