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Senator Leila De Lima faces another storm as the Department of Justice ordered for an investiga...

Senator Leila De Lima faces another storm as the Department of Justice ordered for an investigation on her links with the New Bilibid Prison Drug Trade. Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre said that the National Bureau of Investigation, an office formerly under De Lima when she was justice secretary would do a better job to handle the investigation of the case. They also asked help from the AMLC or Anti-Money Laundering Council to look into 10 dummy accounts in which De Lima allegedly deposited the drug money. These are accounts of De Lima's closest friends and employees. One of these is her driver, Ronnie Dayan

However, Aguirre also admitted that they don't have any direct evidence linking Senator De Lima to the drug trade. All they have now are indirect alleged evidence which may connect De Lima to the Drug trade, and the testimonies of the drug lord convicts inside the Bilibid who claim to have been giving monthly payola to De Lima. All of these are not considered as substantial evidences. 

Meanwhile, Sen. De Lima released a statement to answer the issue saying "I have no millions or billions in my bank accounts. Any alleged accounts that would be linked to me and my alleged drug links can only be fictitious." She maintained her tough stance saying that this is a move to unseat her as she has been expressing opposition from the start. "Ito ay continuation ng mga efforts nila na tuluyan akong matapos, tuluyan akong masira at ang ibig sabihin noon, mawala ako diyan sa eksena, mawala ako diyan sa pwesto ko. Baka 'yan nga ang isa sa mga pinakaagenda, isa sa mga pinkalayunin ng Pangulo natin."

Watch the whole report below:

Source: TNP , YouTube


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