[Trending Now] Cops Who Went 'AWOL' After Being Assigned To Mindanao Will Face Administrative Case! Must READ!

Manila Cops designated to Mindanao who went on ' AWOL ' ( Absence Without Leave ) will b...

Manila Cops designated to Mindanao who went on 'AWOL' (Absence Without Leave) will be facing administrative cases due to neglecting duty. According to C-New, Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald Bato Dela Rosa said the cops will not only be facing an administrative case, they will also be relieved from their duties permanently.

The said cops went on AWOL after two of their fellow cops were shot in Cotabato city leaving one dead and the other gravely injured.

Dela Rosa condemned them for their cowardice and said their fears were still not an enough excuse to leave their duties, further slamming them saying they were not worthy of the uniforms if they cannot properly deliver based on their assigned tasks.

Source: TNP , Untvweb


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