[Trending Now] Cayenato to Trillanes: 'Ganito na ba tayo, Bastusan na sa Senado?' During Their Heated Conversation!

During the session break, Senators Antonio Trillanes and Alan Peter Cayetano squabbles after the former told the latter that he will no...

During the session break, Senators Antonio Trillanes and Alan Peter Cayetano squabbles after the former told the latter that he will not let him show off in the hearing about extrajudicial killings.

In the video of Rappler, Trillanes told Cayetano that he will not let him show off after Cayetano keeps on questioning Edgar Matobato, a former Davao Death Squad member who said President Rodrigo Duterte is highly involved in the group.

"Hindi kita papapormahin," Trillanes said where Cayetano answered: Anong porma ang pinagsasabi mo? Ikaw ang hindi dito pumorma.

It all rooted when Trillanes asked Sen. Leila De Lima, chair of the committee on justice and human rights, to declare Cayetano out of there since he has exceeded his time limit.

"Timekeeper ka na ngayon?" Cayetano questioned as to why Trillanes wants to cut him. He even emphasized the two of them had two hours each back then on questioning former vice president Jejomar Binay.

Cayetano emphasized that he needs to question in the hearing since people voted for him to seat in the Senate and he must do his job as a senator.

After the hearing resumed, Cayetano said Trillanes is trying to intimidate him.

"Madame chair, I am trying to ask questions. [But] he told me here, 'Di kita papapormahin,' and then he tells me here, 'Nabubuo pangarap mo, you are defending evil.' So, Madame chair, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this at kung totoo sinasabi, tatabihan 'nyo ko. ita-trash talk 'nyo ko. I never did that to any of my colleagues," he said.

De Lima just said Cayetano should just transfer seat to get away from Trillanes and to continue properly the session.

After he transferred, Cayetano continues to question Matobato on which De Lima repeatedly reminded him that he already used his time too much. Cayetano asked the witness for another 20 minutes since it is his responsibility to question the credibility of the witness.

He also questioned the neutrality of De Lima in conducting the hearing, saying that she already judged the Duterte administration with bias before the hearing starts.

With this, De Lima scolded Cayetano, calling his acts unparliamentary.

"It is unparliamentary to be imputing motives on the part of the standing committee, including the chair. You have been doing that, insinuating that, indicating bad faith on the part of the standing committee. I'm not going to allow it," De Lima said.

Cayetano objected more and De Lima declared him out of order in giving questions.

Source: TNP, Rappler


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