[Trending Now] BREAKING NEWS: Sen. De Lima Walked Out While Cayetano Delivers Privilege Speech On Extrajudicial Killings!

Recently, the senate hearing on extrajudicial killings took the Philippine internet by storm bec...

Recently, the senate hearing on extrajudicial killings took the Philippine internet by storm because of a surprise witness who claims to be part of the Davao Death Squad. He claims that he personally receives order from Duterte who was still Mayor back then, to murder certain personalities and different criminals. This hearing also led to numerous heated arguments between senators which mostly involved, Senator Leila De Lima, chair of the adhoc committee, Senator Trillanes, and Senator Cayetano, running mate of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. This is after Sen. Cayetano along with other senators questioned the credibility of the witness due to some contradicting statements. 

In a privilige speech delivered by Sen. Allan Cayetano today at the congress before the Senate president Koko Pimentel, he reiterated how it is the chairman of the committee's responsibility to vet and validate a witness before presenting it to the hearing. He also pointed out that members of the hearing should have been notified that a key member will deliver a significant role in the hearing to encourage attendance from the congress. 

He also noted how it is of personal gain of Sen. Leila De Lima not of the nation to have a witness that wasn't even involved in the present alleged extrajudicial killings but is directly attacking the credibility of the President. This would greatly affect the image of the nation and its congress having witnesses and timings like what happened recently.

In the half of the speech, Senator Leila De Lima can't take it any further and walked out of the house while Sen. Cayetano is still delivering his speech. Cayetano was quite distracted when the former secretary of Justice De Lima walked past him but he kept on driving his points. 

Meanwhile, Cayetano apologized both to Trillanes and the Filipino people for what happened the last time. This is after Sen. Trillanes issues a formal apology to him and to everyone as well. 

Source: TNP, GMA


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