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We can all agree on the numerous benefits of Banana . Aside from its many vitamins and minerals, i...

We can all agree on the numerous benefits of Banana. Aside from its many vitamins and minerals, it is the only most-available source of potassium and magnesium which our body needs. It also contains fiber and and carbohydrates which can act as an immediate energy booster. Well, that's the amazing banana for all of us. But have you ever wondered if its peel can do more than just slipping us? 

Well, to all of us, banana peel belongs to the trash can. But according to studies, these peels are not meant to be useless as it has countless benefits as well and is actually the healthiest part of the fruit! It may seem odd, but other people actually eat the peel! Yes, you read 'em right. They eat the banana peel raw! But of course, before eating them, make sure to have cleaned them thoroughly. Some blend them with other fruits to add more flavor. However, since most of us are not accustomed to either of the two, we can always resort to boiling them first. You can have them boiled for 10 minutes of just scrape the insides of the peel and eat them directly.

Here are some of the numerous benefits:
1) It can reduce cholesterol and so can prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes as it contains more fiber than the fruit itseld.
2) It can boost your mood! It has amino acids that can trigger your serotonin.
3) Reduce the risks of cataracts and macular degeneration as it contains 'lutein', a powerful antioxidant that protects your eyes.
4) Whiten teet by rubbing the banana peel on your teeth everyday
5) It can reduce wrinkles by rubbing the peel on your face and leaving it for 30 minutes before washing it off.
6) It can get rid of warts by putting the peel on the area overnight on a regular basis/
7) It can get rid of itch and bug bites by massaging the peel in the affected area. 

Source: TNP , Metaspoon


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