[Trending Now] A18: TRUE LOVE: Heartfelt Surprise Wedding Of Zoren Legaspi Brought His Wife Carmina To Tears As She Walks Down The Aisle!

A very heartfelt wedding surprise was organized by Director and Actor Zoren Legaspi last November 15 , 2012 . Keeping the wedding secr...

A very heartfelt wedding surprise was organized by Director and Actor Zoren Legaspi last November 15, 2012.

Keeping the wedding secret is one of the challenging part. Whereas Zoren has to meet with Manila wedding industry in a very hidden place and organizers has to use terms like "commercial" or "Project X" for the staff not to know about the secret wedding. Some of the friends from the industry were only invited five days before the wedding and others did not know what event they are going to attend. However, the principal sponsors already knew about the plan of Zoren.

ABS-CBN helped. They had organized a wedding-themed commercial shoot for an endorsement where the kids and Zoren were part of it. 

Carmina was then surprised when was a having an argument with a staff and the kids, together with the G-Force went dancing around Carmina. After while, she was assisted to the place where Zoren proposed to her when, eventually, Mavy and Cassy popped out to encourage the couple to be married the same night.

She was stunned when she saw her friends from the industry and her high school friends were there. Everything was set and all Carmina needs to do is to just walk down the aisle and say "I do."

When Carmina walked down the aisle, tears of joy kept on pouring out and Zoren was just at the end watching her beautiful wife walk towards her. Even the guests, shed their tears as they saw Carmina.

Last Sunday, September 4, Carmina and Zoren was the guest in the talk show of Vice Ganda, "Gandang Gabi Vice".

There was a part where Vice asked Zoren if he will marry Carmina again, on that night, what would be his vow.

"Well siguro yung... yung kabuuan nung kantang 'Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko,' yun talaga yung kanta ko sa kaniya kase." Zoren replied.

Vice Ganda, asked Zoren if he could sing it to Carmina. Eventually, Zoren started singing and love was definitely in the air as they we're so sweet.

Source: TNP , Facebook


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