[Trending Now] 2 'Famous' FB Personalities Responsible For The Death Of Barangay Captain? READ HERE

Recently, a news stating how a barangay captain   was brutally murdered and was found in San Mateo . He was identified as one of barangay...

Recently, a news stating how a barangay captain  was brutally murdered and was found in San Mateo. He was identified as one of barangay captains in Paco Manila and is named Reynaldo Jacobo. According to the authories, he was also robbed of 300,000, the salary of the barangay officials which the victim withdrew before the incident. 

In the autopsy, the reason for his death was asphyxiation or death by strangulation. The victim had wires in his neck which may have been used to strangle him. He also had broken ribs which may be caused of being hit by a car many times.
Policemen has conducted investigation regarding the crime and was able to find cctv footages which captured the suspects. They were arrested at Cavite but refused to give a statement. However, a certain netizen named Maverick Miranda Arceo matched the suspects into Facebook famous personalities. She posted:

-I recieved some messages from their friends regarding this post at gusto nilang i-delete ko ito. I'm sorry guys pero bago ko pa ito i-post sa facebook eh trending na ito sa twitter. Besides, malalaman at malalaman din po ito ng sambayanan. Okay? Chillax! I'm just sharing the latest & the hottest topic on facebook. Why so guilty?"

Both of names that she dragged has thousands of followers on Facebook. However, the post was not verified by the authorities.

Source: TNP, Facebook


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