[Trending Now] 10 Signs Which Shows That Your Partner No Longer Loves You. #8 Should Never Happen!

It all started out as promising. Flowers were blooming, birds were singing, and everything with your loved one is like walking in Cloud ...

It all started out as promising. Flowers were blooming, birds were singing, and everything with your loved one is like walking in Cloud 9. Nothing could go wrong as you two are compatible with each other.

And with that perfect illusion, people are deceived that in some time, love runs out with that person. It's not the same anymore. The laughs are rare and the screams and shouts are often heard in your house for even the slightest reason like the toilet seat was left up or and the tooth paste tube was left open.

The Health Center, a visited site about health and lifestyle, gave 10 signs your partner has fallen out of love.

1) He/she doesn't love you as before

Does your partner shows no more interest to you as before? Instead of impressing you, your partner is taking time to impress other people and treats you for granted now. Maybe it's time to leave the relationship because love should not treat you like a side piece. 

2) He/she is thinking of someone else

This is a dangerous sign. If your partner prefers to be with someone else in going to other places and even having a small conversation then you better think on how to remove your stuff in his/her apartment.

3) Conversation topic runs out

You two are bonded by the same interests and unlimited topics you could talk about. But at one point, you're surprised that all the topics you could have discussed has run out and they're not even bothering to ask you about your life. Communication keeps the relationship healthy so you better leave the relationship when communication is lacking.

4) He/she blames you for everything that happens?

Late at work? Scolded by his/her boss? Stepped on a dog poo? If your partner blames you for EVERYTHING WRONG, even if you don't see any logical connection, then maybe he/she doesn't see you as a loved one but as heavy freeloader.

5) Support between each other is absent

Relationship will survive when there's support with each other. However, when your partner is always annoyed at you and mistreats you all the time, that's not the support you deserve.

6) He/she saying excuses ALL THE TIME.

Drinking with friends. Business travellig. Huge traffic. Playing games. We've all heard that but if it's your daily music from his mouth, you got to realize that he prefers to do these excuses than to solve them and please you.

7) No more partner plans

Everything you plan involves both of you but lately, your partner shrugs off your preferred baby names and the church you two want to get married. Maybe future tells you that you two are not going to last till the end.

8) He/She doesn't show any respect for you anymore

Does your partner treats you like garbage? You're trying to spice up everything but your partner is just telling you to f*** off. Maybe fixing it would cause more damage to you.

9) He/She refused to give any explanations

Did your partner just went to bed without answering your question on why is he going home at one in the morning again? If your partner does not even bother to open his mouth to utter few words for explanation then maybe, it's not for you.

10) Hating and hurting each other

You know your partner is lying and cheating. Worse than that, your partner is hitting you. You're blaming yourself for all the things that is happening. Don't be a martyr and stand up! You don't deserve that kind of love and maybe another person is waiting for you to be healed and to be treated as a human being. Go listen to Shawn Mendes's Treat You Better to know what'your worth.
Source: TNP , TheHealthCenter


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