SHOCKING: Multiverse And The End Of Dark Matter

Multi-universe gravitational attractive forces, accelerated expansion of the universe and the “big bang” – a new theory Dark matter C...

Multi-universe gravitational attractive forces, accelerated expansion of the universe and the “big bang” – a new theory

Dark matter

Current orthodoxy in astrophysics postulates that the scientifically observed and confirmed acceleration of the expansion of the universe and the galaxies within it can only be explained by the existence of massive amounts of dark matter throughout the universe. However there is only one problem with the theory – scientists have been unable to find the dark matter. Where is all that dark matter?

Multiverse meta-gravitational theory

An alternative theory is hereby proposed, one that does not rely on the existence of dark matter. It is proposed that the reason behind the accelerated expansion of the universe does not lie within but rather without, that is, within the fabric of the multiverse.

Multiverse theory is not new. It has been previously postulated that anomalies in cosmic background radiation could be evidence of other universes leaving an imprint on our universe. As the cosmic microwave radiation should be evenly spread throughout the universe following the big bang, the fact that it is not evenly distributed might provide evidence of outside forces acting on our universe.

This theory is new in that it postulates that the forces and the mechanism of gravity within our universe exists not just in this universe but within the multiverse too. The advance made with this theory is to bridge the theory of the multiverse with the observable accelerating expansion of our universe and tie these together in a uniform coherent theory which does not need to rely on the existence of dark matter.

Under multiverse theory, the multiverse is an immensely large higher dimensional canvass or fabric in which all the universes exist, not unlike the universe itself being the fabric for the existence of all the known galaxies.

This new theory contends that just as gravitational force exists amongst bodies in the universe so does a meta-gravitational force exist within the multiverse. This meta-gravity acts in the same way as gravity, however the attractive forces effect entire universes. The effects of this meta-gravity and the interaction amongst universes in the multiverse effect each universe on a micro scale, that is, there should be observable effects in our universe which provide evidence of these meta-gravitational forces at work.

Expansion of the universe – meta-gravitational attraction

It is theorised that universes will, depending on their interaction with other universes within the multiverse, either be expanding (like our universe) or contracting.

Just as stars within our universe that collapse into a black hole exert tremendous gravitational attractive force to pull into its singularity other stars or, with super massive black holes, entire star systems and galaxies, those universes within the multiverse that have undergone a universe wide contraction to form a full universe singularity will, analogous to a black hole, attract and pull towards and into it other universes. These I will term Singularity Universes.

According to this new theory, Singularity Universes will, at the multiverse level, have such tremendous meta-gravitational power that they will bend and warp the fabric of the multiverse. At lower levels this will causes disturbances within other universes which are barely detectable. However as noted previously we may in fact already have the evidence of this interaction in the non-uniform distribution of cosmic radiation throughout our universe.

At stronger powers these Singularity Universes will literally pull other universes into their singularity. As this is happening at a higher dimension to our perceived four dimensions, the effect of such “pull” will not be observable in a linear direction. It will occur throughout the entire universe at the same time. This attraction will grow stronger over time meaning the “pull” on the relevant universe will become more and more powerful, just as when a start accelerates towards the event horizon of a black hole. This increasingly powerful force then acts as a means by which a universe, such as our universe, expands, at an increasing rate over time, as our universe falls over eons into the Singularity Universe attracted by its immense meta-gravitational force.

There is no visible or detectable meta-event horizon to this multiverse event at our four dimensional level. However at a higher dimensional level it is theorised that such an event horizon would exist and that over time the mass of the universe will get absorbed into the Singularity Universe.

As you might have noticed, at no point in this theory is there any need to postulate dark matter. Dark matter, the theorised balancing matter that is thought to be responsible for the increasing acceleration of the expansion of the universe is an unnecessary “universal constant”. The lack of observable energy and matter in the universe can be readily explained if it is considered that matter in the universe has been absorbed at a higher dimension into a neighbouring Singularity Universe.

Accordingly it is further theorised that our universe, being attracted into a Singularity Universe will, over the course of eons, be eventually absorbed completely into that Singularity Universe. It is possible that the observed uneven distribution of cosmic radiation throughout our universe is indirect evidence of this event, however in the future there may be more refined experiments devised to detect this effect as interference waves of some nature, detectable in our observable universe as a shadow effect of the two universes colliding. Theorising about what such an experiment might involve is beyond the scope of this note.

Rupture of multiverse fabric – new Big Bang Theory

The theory set forth in this paper seeks to explain the accelerating expansion of the universe as a result of meta-gravity in the multiverse level. However it also predicts another event that these forces will create in the multiverse.

A further prediction of this new theory is that the extreme attractive multiverse meta-gravitational forces induced by a Singularity Universe may be so immensely powerful within the fabric of the multiverse itself that it is able to tear the fabric of the multiverse itself.

In this instance, rather than such a tear at our universe level creating a potential hole in the space-time continuum and allowing for phenomenon such as wormholes, a tear at the multiverse level would, it is theorised, unleash the potential energy that is contained with the multiverse fabric itself. This “tear” would be the point at which a new universe would come into existence and all the energy that will ever be contained in that universe would spill forth at that moment from that “tear”.

The initial release of that energy would immediately become attracted to meta-gravitational forces being effected on it at the multiverse level and it would start to expand, that is, the “big bang” would begin.

Some universes however may not have sufficient surrounding meta-gravitational attractive forces and after the initial burst would, due to the immense mass of the universe, start to collapse in on itself, creating a new Singularity Universe in the process. Variations between highly accelerating expansive universes and collapsing universes would occur throughout the multiverse as a result of the postulated non-uniform distribution of meta-gravity throughout the multiverse fabric.

Accordingly this new theory postulates that our “big bang” was a result of a rupture in the multiverse fabric and the nature of our “big bang” compared to other universes will be different depending on the origin of the energy release and the state of the meta-gravitational distribution in the multiverse in the vicinity of that energy release.

Conversation of energy

As a final point, the new theory is able to coherently marry up the concept of conservation of energy at the universal and multiverse level.

At a universe level the conversation of energy is theorised but the “big bang” itself requires a leap of faith in believing that at some non-determinable point in time energy was created out of nothing and gave birth to the universe as we know it.

However, if we overlay the multiverse fabric to this story, then energy is able to be conserved throughout the multiverse. As theorised above the “big bang” itself would be one instance of the fluctuation of an energy constant in the multiverse fabric itself. Energy in the multiverse would constantly be maintained and conserved, it would just be distributed non-uniformly amongst the different universes occupying the multiverse and within the fabric of the multiverse itself. Big bangs and big crunches are just part of the rhythm of the energy of the multiverse.

Richard Winter 2016


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