[Viral Now] To The Babies Who’ve Gone to Heaven, You Won’t be Alone

If a precious little one has ever been taken from this world so early in life, it can rip a person’s whole being apart. The tears, the pain...


If a precious little one has ever been taken from this world so early in life, it can rip a person’s whole being apart. The tears, the pain, and the pure emptiness that is left behind do not ever feel like it will end. Day by day we get up, we go through the motions, and sometimes it doesn’t hurt as bad as before, but that emptiness is always there.

When we find others who have felt this same loss, we learn to gather strength, and we learn from one another how to let the sorrow go. We learn to embrace the fact that our precious babies are together, playing and laughing, and they are safe. They will always know joy, and not heartache or pain. They will know our love is deep and unending, and that one day we will once again be together.

No More Pain And Suffering

Our little angels who are in heaven are spending time with our other loved ones who has passed on. They are in a place where happiness surrounds them every moment. It is a place where they will never have to suffer through any form of illness or pain. They will never have any reason to cry. No little one that is taken to Heaven will ever have to know the unhappiness that happens on earth.

Where they are, sickness does not occur. Humans being evil to other humans does not happen in Heaven. They will never know heartbreak. They will however always know trust. They will only know what love is, and never know hate. They were conceived to bring love, which never ends.

Banding Together

Communities of people come together to help one another for many crises. There are communities for those who have lost a precious baby, and these groups give one another strength to sometimes just get through a day. Sometimes all we want is to tell our heartbreak to another human who has been through the things that we have, and this is when we need to find a good community.

From uplifting quotes to just lending an ear to listen the people in these special communities quickly become irreplaceable friends. In this group it is okay to cry together, pray together, and lend hope to one another. Sometimes it just feels good to know that we are not alone in our pain and struggles.

Our Arms May Be Left Empty But Our Hearts Never Need To Be

Our arms may be left empty but our hearts never need to be. We can embrace the love that they gave us for the time that they were with us, and know that the love they have is still there. One day we will be with them again so they may fill our arms. Until that time, we know that they have many beautiful angels that will always love them, protect them, and care for them.

We will always feel the sorrow, but when we know that the precious little light of hope and love are truly safe it makes the moments apart almost bearable. Every moment of every day we miss our lost babies, and even though nothing will help us to fill that void in our lives, we are blessed to have had just one moment with them.

They were brought into our lives for a special purpose, which when we meet we will know. Their short presence on earth may have been meant that we may have needed to learn a lesson. The lesson could have been on how to love unconditionally. We may have needed to know what hope is. No matter what the lesson was or is, one thing is for sure, we know how deep in our souls true love for another human is.

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