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The Moringa tree is dubbed as the ' Miracle tree ' because of the wonders that it can bring to the body of mankind. This plant is...

The Moringa tree is dubbed as the 'Miracle tree' because of the wonders that it can bring to the body of mankind. This plant is a native to the sub-Himalayan areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India. It often grows in tropics. The flowers, fruit, seeds, roots, bark and leaves of this plant is an effective ingredient for traditional medicine. It has been curing more than 300 diseases. 

The round leaves of the moringa are filled with nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene and protein. 

Diseases such as rheumatism, anemia, arthritis, cancer, asthma, fungal, viral and parasitic infections, heart problems, high blood pressure, headache, intestinal ulcers, intestinal spasms, stomach pain, epilepsy, diabetes, constipation, and cancer. It also boosts the immune system, increases the s*x rive and provides nutritional supplement or tonic. 

Moringa can also be used to dry the skin or kill the germs. The seeds of the moringa can be used in food, perfume and hair care products. 

How does the magic potion works? 
Moringa is filled with minerals, proteins and vtamis which serves as an antioxidant to help protect the cells from being damaged. 

Every 100 grams of Moringa leaves has:
- 9 times more protein than yogurt
- 10 times vitamin A than carrots
- 12 times vitamin C than oranges
- 15 times more potassium than bananas
- 17 times more calcium than mil
- 25 times more iron than spinach 


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