[Trending Now] The Reason Why This Man Wrote A Poem For His Ex-GF Made The Readers Cry!

Novalis once said, 'Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.' Poems are the most underrated type of literature. Most of the ...

Novalis once said, 'Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.'

Poems are the most underrated type of literature. Most of the time, an ordinary person will find it hard to understand. Sometimes what message the writer wanted to give is not what the readers perceive. 

But this particular poem will surely make you want to cry. The words used are not as deep as the others. 

It was written by a man and it was addressed to his ex-girlfriend whom he never had a harmonious relationship with the past. 

It may sound tragic but towards the end, you will realize that the man got his freedom and it was all because of the girl from his past. 

Here is the poem: 

The Purple Headband

She was the girl on the purple headband
The day I'll never forget.
She made everyone turn their heads
Surprised we even met.
That time ur with me on that room's isle
My hearts filled up with fret
It started with that crippling smile,
And the first move I wont regret

On the first look, I melted with desire
Ideas on getting hooked, 
curves hotter than fire,
Nervous about getting cooked,
U made me feel that Im retired,
Chills on my body that I couldnt move
Such events that transpired
If im the dance ur d groove

After months of courtship,
and awful lot of competition
August 22, 2009 u chose me,
And that's when we started our mission
Road to forever right? 
Futures so bright 
Forevers on sight
Proved all doubters wrong by our passion
If love is a drug,
then loving you is my favorite addiction.

We've been through up and downs
U turned this boy into a man
Companion through smiles and frowns
With that peevishness I couldnt withstand
Endless fights, sleepless nights, million tears already shed
We stayed strong, going strong 
Always able to bring our love back from the dead

But then the time has come,
The heat started to deteriorate,
Nights came that I always pray
Hoping that "forever" drive will continue to accelerate,
We both had done our best
But we are above the limit of the pain we can accumulate,
We tried to make things up,
But we're both afraid its already too late

I already felt the fear I've been hiding for quite long time,
I had that "BreakUPhobia" symptoms,
Fear that I will lose my other half any time soon,
Afraid that this time im not going to be her favorite person,
Dying everyday inside,
knowing its going to be much better without me as her companion,
Tears fall at night scared that its time to abort the "forever" mission

Life loses its meaning, limitless sadness,
Everyday mourning asking myself, what the fuck just happened
Realizing that I just lost my heartbeat, left sanity for madness
it happened, thats it
I lost my light, trapped in darkness.

I know we need to move on, 
I tried to find myself,
You already passed the mark. 
I saw myself at the edge of the ledge,
You already got that spark.
I learned to swim on the sea of regrets,
Found my torch at the dark,
Overcomed that excruciating stress

Now u have ur family,
While im still trying to find mine,
I wish nothing but the best for you
We're past our relationships' prime,
Thanks for helping me grow, motivating me everyday to grind.
Oh such wonderful memories to keep,
No time wasted, just treasured time.
Happy of what you've become,
Proud that I became part. 
Sad that it is done,
Still happy twas fun
Thank you for the adventure,
All of the traded puns
My journey to have family has just begun,
Thank you we had a good run.

Thanks for the years, 
we had a good run
Sorry for the tears,
A poem of closure from a man
Now's everything clear
Final goodbye to that purple headband,

College of Business Administration and Accountancy 
(CBAA) 2011
Source: TNP, Facebook


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