[Trending Now] Family of Murdered Motorcycle Rider Files Case Against the 2 PNP-HPG officers.

John dela Riarte , a motorcycle rider who was arrested last July 29 , as a result of bumping the rear of a car at the corner of EDSA and ...

John dela Riarte, a motorcycle rider who was arrested last July 29, as a result of bumping the rear of a car at the corner of EDSA and Estrella Street in Makati.

His family is making arrangements on filing murder charges adjacent to the two members of the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group that arrested Dela Riarte.

PNP-HPG spokesperson Superintedent Elizabeth Velasquez said that he fights back to the Police Officers while he was arrested and even tried to grab one of the officer's guns but was immediately stopped on the ground. 

A spot report on PNP aforementioned that Dela Riarte was shot when he again attempted to grab the gun of an officer inside a mobile patrol car as he was brought to Camp Crame. Police suspect that he maybe under illegal drugs.

Robert Dela Riarte, the victim's brother doubts the report of the police and denies that his brother was an addict.

They curious why there were only two gunshots wounds in the report of the PNP autopsy at the same time, there were four gunshot wounds in the NBI autopsy: in the lower abdomen, neck, heart and thigh.

Another autopsy was done by the forensic team of the Public Attorney's Office. The gunshot wounds in the heart and neck are fatal, PAO Chief Attorney Persida Acosta said.

Because of what happened, the two HPG officers are now in front of administrative cases due to harming the victim.

The victim's family also plans of filing a case of robbery to the HPG officers because the victim lost more than P30,000 cash as stated. 

Nevertheless, PNP-HPG spokesperson Velasquez presented a file, undersigned of the the victim's brother where its states that John dela Riarte only has P318 in his backpack.

Watch the video below! 

Source: TNP, Facbook


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