[Trending Now] DISGUSTING: China Restaurants Extract Oils From Sewers For Cooking Oil. WATCH HERE!

After that ' fetus-eating ' scandal which caused havoc, and the pills made from Human Flesh , China never runs out of things to d...

After that 'fetus-eating' scandal which caused havoc, and the pills made from Human Flesh, China never runs out of things to disgust the world!

This would definitely turn your stomach upside down. So unless you've got high tolerance on disgust, do not read the next lines.

It was recently found out by authorities that some restaurants in China use oil taken from the sewers to cook their food. These gutter oils are sent to refineries to convert them into 'cooking oils' and has been used in one out of ten lower market meals in China.

The undercover government has documented individuals who were sourcing this iquids directs from the sewers. The end-product nearly resembles commercial cooking oil in terms of color, scent and texture, thus ordinary citizens cannot distinguish the difference. Gutter oil is extremely way cheaper so it gives the restaurant owners more profit.

But these unsafe gutter oil shows dangerous levels of polycyclic aromatic carbons (PAHs), other highly carcinogenic compunds, and deadly chemicals like arsenic that can cause insomnia, liver problems, indigestion, headaches, and other complications.

So before planning your trip to China, you might want to make sure you have enough canned goods to bring. Everything is better than these gutter oils.

Source: XolXolTNP


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