[Trending Now] Brother Of QC Mayor Herbert Bautista Tested Positive For Shabu And Marijuana Use! Read Details Here!

Herbert Bautista , the Quezon City Mayor admitted that his brother, Hero Bautista was the one cou...

Herbert Bautista, the Quezon City Mayor admitted that his brother, Hero Bautista was the one councilor among 36 that failed the voluntary drug test administered at the city hall a week ago. QC councilor Hero tested positive for marijuana and shabu use. 

Mayor Bautista admitted it during a closed-door meeting on Wednesday with the city's department heads who noticed the mayor's emotional disposition during the reveal.

Bautista however, vowed that his brother would undergo rehabilitation and spiritual counseling, according to sources.

On an interview prior to the meeting on Wednesday, Bautista said he still had no idea who the councilor was, although he had a hint.

"I really don’t know. If he’s my sibling, he should be rehabilitated," he said and when asked why his brother was mentioned, he answered: "He has just been elected councilor. Maybe it’s him, we do not know."

The QC 4th district councilor, Hero would soon face appropriate sanctions that according to Vice Mayor Belmonte, would be imposed by the mayor himself. Bautista promised however not to utilize his power as the Mayor to get Hero off the hook. 

A suspension or post dismissal is expected by analysts, although the sanction to be faced by Hero still remains unclear.

Source: TNPKami


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