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My name is Kate Werner. Inspired by artists in YouTube videos and social media, I began doing makeup art about two years ago. And around a y...

My name is Kate Werner. Inspired by artists in YouTube videos and social media, I began doing makeup art about two years ago. And around a year ago, I started uploading my makeup creations onto my Instagram account, BeautyGoneBad. Until this point, I never really found a passion or something to keep me busy. I didn’t fit in with sports or clubs, but I found art was something I was interested in. I liked drawing and painting, but it took a while for me to discover body art.

Creative makeup Art took my favorite things, makeup and painting, and put them together. It’s like having a completely reusable canvas, and you can turn yourself into anything or anyone you want.
 That’s why I like to call myself a “makeup shapeshifter.” Depending on the makeup, or how motivated I feel, a makeup can take from an hour to 10 hours. It’s kind of a whole day deal. I usually start around noon and finish at night. It doesn’t bother me to spend all day doing something I love, though. I love doing makeup so much that I hope to one day do it as a career! It took a while for my parents to realize how serious I was about it, and we’ve already started exploring school options.

I’m currently in high school, and I’m involved in the theater department at my school, doing things with makeup crew and backstage stuff. It’s made me realize how important makeup is for productions in theater and film, and that’s what I hope to do. I want to do makeup for movies and TV, and create characters.
 Makeup has changed my life for the better, and I hope it continues to do so for as long as it can.

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This bodypaint is based on ShainErin’s dolls. I stumbled across one of them and wanted to make myself into a creepy doll so here it is! Everything except the lace over my head is painted on.

Harley Quinn

I decided to do Harley Quinn in a simple “comic” style mixed with her new movie look.

Comic Book Mystique

This look, made completely of bodypaint, was inspired by the comic book character version of Mystique. You’ll see me do a lot of looks based off of superheroes, because I may have a tiny obsession with superpowers. It’s kind of like getting to shapeshift into anyone I want. (Note- The eyes here are edited to be yellow,to resemble Mystique.)

Eleven from Stranger Things

This bodypaint is based off of the female protagonist, Eleven, in the sci-fi show Stranger Things on Netflix. The clothes here are entirely painted using water activated bodypaints. This took probably around 5 hours.

Robin inspired by KayPikeFashion

This bodypaint, Robin, is a recreation of artwork by the amazing KayPikeFashion. She’s one of my biggest idols and inspirations, and I look up to her in a lot of ways. This look took probably around 8-9 hours.

The Mask

This makeup kind of gave a kickstart to my Instagram account, @beautygonebad, gaining more likes than I ever had before. The look is actually quite simple, but at first glance it can easily trick the eye. The “mask” idea has been done lots of ways in a lot of styles, I’ve even seen some people gore it up, or do it using special effects products. It only took about an hour and a half, which is a very short amount of time compared to other looks.


Not only do I enjoy bodypaint, but I also like to do gore. It’s always fun to do a bloody look and go downstairs and scare my parents, then wipe it right off. This look was used mainly using nose and scar wax and blood.

Carl’s Missing Eye

Inspired by the show The Walking Dead, i created this gorey look from scratch. This was my first self made prosthetic. I first sculpted the piece using regular air dry clay, let it dry and then I covered it in a few layers of liquid latex. This method takes away a large amount of detail, but only being 15 and working out of my bedroom means I don’t have access to a lot of professional supplies. For my very first prosthetic though, I’m pretty proud.

Blue Slime

This inspired look was based off of work by guiliannaa on Instagram, and also gained a lot of attention following my mask makeup. These kinds of makeups are always pretty fun to do, and allow you to use a lot of creativity.

The Joker inspired by Jordan Hanz

This is a bodypaint recreated from Jordan Hanz, someone I’d consider an inspiration. Her bodypaint skills are astounding and motivate me to improve myself with each paint. Everything you see is bodypaint and eyeshadow, even my hair is green using bodypaint.


Two Face from Batman

PokémonGo Avatar

I made this lil bodypaint based off of my avatar on PokémonGo- which is all the rage right now

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