25 Signs That You Are A Crazy Pet Owner

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) recently estimated that up to 47% of all households in the United Stat...

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) recently estimated that up to 47% of all households in the United States have a dog, and up to 37% of them have a cat. Some families might actually own both a dog and a cat, which is why we cannot just count these two numbers up and say that 80% of American household have a pet. However, it is definitely safe to state that most families in the United States have a pet. With that said, there is a good chance that you are a pet owner too.

Now, would you say that you are a crazy pet owner? Of course you are not. Or… are you? Well, you might be surprised to know how many people have become so obsessed with their furry friends that they are actually turning mad. We have compiled a list with the most common signs that suggest your relationship with your pet might be a bit over the line. If you recognize yourself in most of these 25 Signs That You Are A Crazy Pet Owner, it is official – you are crazy about your pet. On the other hand, this is nothing to be ashamed of. It means you are a loving and kind-hearted person who just wants his or her dearest to be happy – whether they are humans or animals.



You spend more money on your pet's food and treats than on your own.


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You talk to your pet as if it were your baby, and you consider yourself its mummy or daddy.

girl with dog

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You need to pee, but you will not get up because your pet is sleeping on your lap.

sleeping cat

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There are more photos of your pet than that of your human family members on your smart devices.

girl with dog

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After you petted a foreign dog, you feel guilty as if you were cheating on your dog.

girls with dog

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You apologize when you have to leave for work or school.

sad dog

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You celebrate your pet's birthday.

pet´s birthday

Image: Hubert Figulere via flickr.com


Your pet usually gets most of your bed, and you squeeze in on the side.

dog in bed

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After you get back from work or school, you ask your pet how his or her day was.


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You spend a lot of money on your pet's toys that will end up destroyed or unused anyway.

dog toy

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You buy only those flavors of yogurt that your cat likes as he has the privilege of licking the lid.


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There is nothing you wouldn’t allow your dog to do to you. Your love for your dog has no limits.

man licking man´ s face

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Your pet has a Facebook profile (and has more friends than you).

cat with laptop

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You prefer spending Friday night cuddled up with your pet to any other activity.

man with dog

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Other dogs know that you are a crazy dog person, and they tend to gather around you.

dog walker

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You might have troubles finding a human partner because nobody is better than your pet.

man with cat

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You haven’t been on a vacation for years as you are afraid nobody would be able to take care of your pet properly. You also simply cannot deal with the idea of being without it for so long.

sad dog

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You have framed photos of your pet all over your house and even on your desk in the office.

dog photo

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While some people have names picked out for their future children, you have names picked out for your future dogs.


Image: Carterse via flickr.com


You are happy to share everything with your pet, including your food.

cat licking bowl

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Your friends say you are even starting to look like your pet.

smiling dog

Image: A. Davey via flickr.com


Confident that your pet has higher intelligence than other animals, you spend countless hours trying to teach it new useless skills.


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You spend more time doing your pet's manicure than doing yours.


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You have cancelled your plans tons of times because your pet has needed you.


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You have Skyped with your pet while being away.

dog skyping

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